The new "Shadowhunters" season 2 will have a shift in tone, and there will be a greater focus on each of the characters. The tone has been described by showrunners and cast as gritter, darker, and sexier. Many teases have been made about the shift in tone, but little has been given for fan favorite Isabelle's storyline this new season. Season 2 will be loosely based off book two of "The Mortal Instruments" series. It is reasonable to assume that it'll follow the same path as season 1 with new surprises for fans, but honoring the written work. "Shadowhunters" season 2 returns to freeform January 2.

The new tone for "Shadowhunters"

Harry Shum Jr. (Magnus) describes the new season of "Shadowhunters" as visually darker, exploring the characters and the world fans have been introduced to a lot deeper. The show will take a more grown up approach, leading away from the young adult tone. The actor also teases that fans will be treated to why fan favorite Magus is the High Warlock of Brooklyn. Isaiah Mustafa (Luke) adds that fans will see the depth of the characters in an edgier, darker, adult, and fun way. Matthew Daddario (Alec) teases that the conversations will be real to the age of the characters and the situation, as well as a quick tease that the relationship between Alec and Magnus will not be disappointing.

The high stakes will be reflected in the characters and the way they react to the situation. There will be more flashbacks, which are assumed to be similar in tone to the way season 1 handled them, and what Katherine McNamara (Clary) dubs as being cute.

What's next for "Shadowhunters" Isabelle?

Several spoilers and teases have been given, but not many have been shared about fan favorite Isabelle (Emeraude Toubia).

Isabelle is an empowering, noble, and supportive character whose biggest fan may be the actress herself. Like everyone else, Isabelle deals with a lot of tension in her own relationships. Recent spoilers have shared that Alec and Clary have tension with him blaming her for losing Jace. This conflict will leave Isabelle in the middle.

She will be torn between her loyalty to her brother, and her new friendship with Clary who she's taking under her wing. Toubia teases that fans will have to tune into the show when it returns on Freeform to see what the writers have in mind.

Isabelle wants to be the best warrior she can be while staying true to her beliefs. This was highlighted in season 1 when she gave up her carefree spirit in order to professionalize her image to please her mother, and to take pressure off her brother. Emeraude Toubia teases that Isabelle may not make the right decision this season, and end up on a dark path. This attitude is also seen in her relationship between Isabelle and Meliorn (Jade Hassoune). The actress shares her own thoughts on the sort of couple.

She thinks Meliorn honestly cares for Isabelle, and that the Shadowhunter has already proven how much she cares when she went against the law (and her brother) to save him.

Look for the Freeform show as soon as it returns in the New Year, to be followed by the new show "Beyond."