"Secrets and Lies" Season 2 came to an end in a two-hour finale on Sunday, December 4, 2016. Viewers were pleased to find out the solution to a case involving a murder that occurred in the very first episode on September 25. The entire season was based on finding out who killed the wife of Eric Warner, played by Michael Ealy. The case was solved by the determined detective Andrea Cornell, played by Juliette Lewis, who wouldn't give up on putting the pieces together. Several surprises were revealed during the finale. Also, more information was brought out during "Cornell Confidential" after the finale that some people don't know about because they don't watch the webisode that explains things from Cornell's perspective.

Who killed Kate?

Every single person in the Warner family had been a suspect for killing Kate Warner. The big reveal was that Eric's sister Amanda killed Kate and her unborn child in a jealous rage while the two women talked on the balcony at the company's party. Because of the medications Amanda was taking, she went berserk when she learned that Kate was pregnant while she herself had lost her marriage over infertility problems.

The irony in the series is that Amanda was pregnant, but she didn't know it. Detective Cornell informed her that the woman's blood was tested after her arrest. That was definitely a surprise that nobody saw coming. At the end of the episode, Amanda begged Eric to adopt and raise her baby.

Eric said he wouldn't raise his sister's baby after Amanda had killed his wife and his own unborn child. That's the way "Secrets and Lies" ended. However, keep reading to see what happened after the finale.

After the finale

"Cornell Confidential" webisode revealed more information after the finale and let viewers know that Eric Warner is trying to create a new normal.

Eric's brother Patrick went to jail for his crimes, but Eric kept in touch with him during his imprisonment, and they bonded after his release. Eric did adopt Amanda's baby girl and raised her as his own. Amanda is still in jail dealing with her own demons. Eric and Patrick are no longer in touch with their father who betrayed them by having another family.

Eric reached out to Charlie, his deceased wife's son that he didn't know about until after Kate's death.

Will 'Secrets and Lies' continue?

At the very end of the series, Cornell goes home to find her daughter in her house with someone else. The clip was very short, but Cornell draws her gun and shoots at someone. It was a cliffhanger because no one knows what that was all about. Will the show return for viewers to find out in a potential third season? Executive producer, Barbara Kligman doesn't know whether the series will continue or not. She says it depends on ABC and what the rating were for Season 2.