Hey, "Walking Dead" peeps. Yes, unfortunately, it's that time of the year ,again, where we have to chime and tell you that the new episode 9 of season 7 will, indeed, not be airing tonight, because the show is off for the Winter. Last week's episode 8 was the midseason finale of this 16 episode season. However, on a brighter note, we've got plenty of episode 9 spoilery scoops and videos to share with you guys, so sit tight.

Anyone up for some Macaulay Culkin tonight?

First things first. We've got to get this bad news out of the way. If you tune into AMC, tonight, you're going to be treated to the old "Home Alone 2: Lost In New York"flick.

It was the last one that lead star, Macaulay Culkin, participated in before they turned the franchise into a crap show. I can't believe they actually tried to make a 4th installment back in 2002. Needless to say, that thing never showed up theaters. Anyways, if you guys are ok with that line of programming, go ahead and still tune in to AMC. If not, you'll definitely want to look for something else.

Write this date down

Next week's line-up doesn't look any better as they'll be showing an old John Wayne show, called: "Big Jake" in Walking Dead's time slot. Beyond that, it's a mystery. Alright, now onto the good news. AMC did right by us by delivering not one, not two, but three, new sneak peek/spoiler clips for the upcoming episode 9.

I've included all of them (below) for you guys to watch. Also, I almost forgot to give you guys the start-up date for the new episodes. It's going to land on February 12th, 2017, so be sure to mark that date down on your most important TV calendars. We're still waiting to get the official title for the 9th installment, so we'll have to do without that for now.

War plans get made

To start off the spoiler treats, we got an extremely short synopsis for episode 9. It confirms that we're about to see a huge war with Negan, and that Daryl and Rick will start laying out their plans for it. I definitely think this is where things will get really exciting. I really want to see how all this madness will finally play out, because it should be intense as hell.

Rick chats with Ezekiel

In the clips, we see footage of Rick and company, trying to make a pitch to king Ezekiel, telling him that they're all serving the vicious Saviors. However, he ends that off by saying they're going to win by doing whatever it takes. This is coupled with scenes of Rick and the crew with their guns out, ready to fight. There's some great fight footage shown as well. At one point, we see a scene where Rick asks Ezekiel to join them in fighting the Saviors. I can honestly say, I saw this storyline developing ever since Ezekiel's crew was introduced, because it just made sense that a lot of help would be needed to take down Negan and company.

Jesus reveals the device

In another clip, Jesus is spotted, letting the crew know that they don't need to get back to Alexandria, because he was able to procure one of the Savior's communication devices, so they can listen in on their plans. Then one of the scenes is a night scene, and it doesn't really reveal much. It's just really dark. Anyways, be sure to take a look at those, below, and stay tuned.