Larry the Cable Guy weighed in on Donald Trump and showed off a a hefty frame as well. The comedian had strong words for critics of the Republican President-elect. But he's got other big problems. After a truly remarkable 50-lb weight loss the actor known for "Tow Mater" now sports a heavier chassis as the "Cars 3" opening approaches. What's up with the git-er-done guy?

How git-er-done guy did weight loss

In 2012, Daniel Lawrence Whitney (Larry the Cable Guy's real name) was morbidly obese at 282 pounds. On his five foot 10 inch frame, that weight gave him a BMI (body mass index) of 40.5.

Any BMI over 30 falls in the obesity range and a BMI over 25 is overweight. That weight gain prompted the funny man to git-er-done and shed some serious pounds. He dropped down to 232 on the Nutrisystem diet. Actually, Larry went back to Nutrisystem--he'd been on the famous weight loss system in 2008 and dropped the same 50 pounds. He also hit the gym hard. So why the yo-yo weight gain? The reason is pretty common, with some twists.

Pregnancy sympathy pains

Whitney's wife was expecting a baby in 2012 and the father-to-be felt the expectant mother's pain--hunger pangs that is. Cara Whitney had the textbook cravings but also some Herculean willpower. She would order the cheeseburgers but then only eat a few bites.

So rather than let the food go to waste, her hubby would finish their dinners. As sensible as that seems, the "clean plate club" mentality is what drives a lot of weight gain.

Waste not, waist yes

The obese 53-year-old actor learned, like so many of his generation, that wasting food was a mortal sin. That demographic was inundated with guilt trips about hungry children around the world.

So, they let the food go to waist--literally. Whitney was able to stop that guilt eating once he got back on Nutrisystem. This eating plan takes the guess work out of calorie counting, dieting and portion control. Pre-packaged meals get dieting down to a science. So why did Mater gain weight again? The most logical conclusion is that he got careless and the pounds crept back. After all, he is good friends with Golden Corral guru Jeff Foxworthy. Those buffet restaurants are diet killers.