If you thought "Hamilton" was the priciest show on Broadway, think again. For the chance to see Bette Midler in "Hello, Dolly!" folks are paying $525 a piece. The show (which opens in March) also broke the single-day sales record with $9 million in advance tickets. But it's not just ticket records this musical is breaking. Ms. Midler explains that show rehearsals did some serious belly-busting too. The singer debuted dazzling weight loss on the "Hello Dolly diet."

Add dancer to the Bette Midler repertoire

You know Midler can sing--her song "The Rose" and the movie of the same name are one of the most memorable ever.

She's currently guest mentoring with Blake Shelton on the popular talent show "The Voice." You may know Lady Bette is funny, and if you don't, watch "Hocus Pocus." You must know the divine Miss M can act, as witnessed by her cult role in "Beaches" (with Barbara Hershey, Lainie Kazan of "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" and a young Mayim Bialik). Idina Menzel will be reprising Midler's role in a new remake and is dedicating her performance to Bette. You may know Bette for her calling out of President-elect Donald Trump on Twitter. But one thing you may not know is that the lady can dance.

You're looking swell, Bette Midler!

The "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy" singer is boogying her butt off in preparation for her titular role as Dolly Gallagher Levi.

Bette's always danced a little but not like the intense choreography in "Hello, Dolly!" The beloved Broadway musical features many large group numbers. Other actresses who made the role famous include Carol Channing, Pearl Bailey and Barbra Streisand in the movie version. Midler, like Bailey, is a little heavyset but isn't slowed by the dancing.

In fact, Bette says she's been shedding pounds like mad with all the exercise.

Dance the pounds off the Bette Midler way

"The Rose" performer keeps active performing at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. But Broadway show rehearsals still kicked her butt. Bette says she's struggled most of her life with weight problems and dancing is definitely the best way to master them. She advises everyone to get up and boogie! Perhaps after her stint on "The Voice" the actress should consider a turn around the "Dancing With The Stars" ballroom.