"Teen Mom 2" star Kailyn Lowry is opening up about her painful past, which includes being brutally raped by someone she knew. Kailyn reveals everything about the traumatizing rape in her new memoir, "Hustle and Heart," recalling the painful experience. Lowry tells readers that a guy she knew, who had been asking her out for a long time, showed up at her door one night drunk. Kail reveals that the man said he needed to talk to her, so she let him in. The man then "grabbed" her and dragged her into the bedroom where he "forced" her down.

The MTV star says she tried to fight off her attacker, but he was "too strong." Kailyn says that she "bled" and "screamed," and when he left her she felt like she was "dead."

Kailyn's shocking revelations

Sadly, the "Teen Mom 2" star was too afraid to agree to a rape kit. Kailyn Lowry did, however, go to the hospital after the attack where she was treated for her injuries. Lowry says "the pain was unbearable," but she was just too afraid of what would happen if she accused the man of rape. "I couldn't stand to think about the consequences," she added. Kail revealed that after the rape she tried very hard to put it out of her mind, and never told anyone about it. Lowry added that while her wounds healed, her soul did not as the events of that date "ate away" at her.

Now 24-years-old, Kailyn says she wishes she had handled the situation differently. The reality star reveals that she wishes she would have stood up for herself and "backed up" her beliefs following the rape.

The reality TV mom opens up about her personal life

Sadly, the rape isn't the only sexual experience that Kailyn Lowry opened up about in "Hustle and Heart." The "Teen Mom 2" star also talked about losing her virginity at a very young age.

Many fans were shocked by Kailyn's candor while speaking about her past. Hopefully, Lowry's bravery in sharing her tragic story will help others who may be dealing with a similar situation. Fans are now praising Kailyn Lowry for having the courage to talk about the delicate issue.