Michael Chiklis has been on a merry-go-round of weight problems. The "Gotham" actor's plumpness was endearing as top cop Tony Scali in the "Commish" but continued weight gain limited role choices. Chiklis wowed with an amazing transformation for "The Shield" in 2007 but packed on pounds in "AHS," and as Nathaniel Barnes in the popular "Gotham." Chiklis' yo-yo weight underscores the "American Horror Story" of obesity and how hard it is to outrun.

Michael Chiklis squeezed out of better roles

Hollywood has little room for overweight stars, or to be precise, keeps fat actors in their very specific place.

Tinsel Town loves a stereotype and the obese are relegated to caricature roles: the comic sidekick, buffoon, lovable friend. They rarely get major parts and never the sexy leading man. Look at Jonah Hill, Seth Rogen, Jack Black and other avoirdupois men--they're rarely cast in serious roles, as they just don't fit. "The Commish" role was different. Chiklis had to be overweight or it wouldn't have been as believable. After that, he faced limited choices and made a decision to get fit.

How did Michael Chiklis get Vic Mackey hard body?

The actor's weight loss plan was brilliant in its simplicity. He worked out a ton and ate specific mail order meals, explained Chiklis in a Men's Health interview.

He didn't say which one but it was probably something similar to Nutrisystem. These meals do all the work of calorie counting and portion control. They're expensive and folks sometimes find they get a little dull. But there lots of options. And the savings on grocery shopping make this a viable diet plan for busy people or those who need regimentation.

The idea is to get rid of all other foods so binge eating is harder.

Interestingly, Michael Chiklis' weight gain accepted with age

Another weird phenomena in fat-shaming Hollywood is that obesity is more acceptable with age. It seems to lend credence to certain parts. Added weight gives men over 50 a distinguished air. Take John Goodman who has been morbidly overweight for much of his acting career.

He just wouldn't be as convincing thin. This may be why Chiklis has been finding success in "Gotham" and "American Horror Story." Health aside, older men wear weight better than younger ones, at least on the silver screen.