Over the last year, there's been heat on Fox News host Megyn Kelly ever since she clashed with Donald Trump during the first Republican primary debate last August. There is no love lost between Trump and Kelly, but her colleagues at Fox News have other thoughts.

Fox News clash

Despite their tag line of "Fair and Balanced" news coverage, the consensus from most Americans is that Fox News caters to conservative viewers and holds, mostly, right-wing opinions. For over two decades, Fox News has been the number one cable news channel on television, with their top hosts becoming host hold names to both liberals and conservatives, though for very different reasons.

In her new memoir, "Settle for More," Kelly addressed her feud with Trump, while also taking shots at other Fox News hosts that she believed were soft in their handling of the current president-elect. Kelly was interviewed on Fox News' "MediaBuzz" on Sunday, and accused some of her fellow hosts at the netowork of "acting" when interviewing Trump. In response, Fox News host Sean Hannity lashed out on his offical Twitter account on November 20.

"No idea who @megynkelly is talking about. When I asked ?'s about Justices, The wall, Refugees, Obamacare, economy etc I wanted real answers," Hannity tweeted on Sunday night.

"I would love to know who was 'Acting,' Hannity said in a follow-up tweet. Not holding back, Hannity released another message, reading, "I never asked a question from a TelePrompTer in my life. I cannot speak for others."

Tirade continues

It didn't stop there, as Sean Hannity kept on the attack, releasing a fourth tweet in reference to Megyn Kelly, stating, "Curious who she was referring to.

I am transparent, I want to defeat Isis, protect the homeland and get people out of poverty and working!" In his fifth tweet of the night, Hannity wrote, "I'm just curious. All year long I talked about the number of people not working in poverty on food stamps I wanted real answers and got them."

In his sixth and seventh tweet on the issue, Hannity pushed back against allegations of receiving gifts from Trump in exchange of favorable coverage.

"I would also like to know what people were offered by DT, I was never offered a thing. Never stayed at a DT property played a DT golf course," Hannity wrote, before doubling down in his next message that he "never played a DT golf course. To be clear."

Moving forward

Sean Hannity has not been shy about his support for the former host of "The Apprentice," but has often become defensive in the past when his journalistic integrity was questioned. Regardless of the feud taking place on the network, Trump is just over 60 days from officially being sworn in as the next commander in chief.