"Rogue One: A Star Wars Story" will be released in December, but it has already broken a box office record. Pre-sale tickets for the upcoming movie went on sale Monday, November 28. Upon the release of these tickets, ticketing site Fandango experienced record breaking views and orders. After one day on the market, "Rogue One" has become the second highest first day of pre-sale tickets in the history of the domestic box office. In simpler terms, the pre-sold tickets for "Rogue One" have brought in the second highest amount of money in the history of pre-sold movie tickets.

The only movie to make higher pre-sale numbers was last year when the previous Star Wars was released, Episode 7: "The Force Awakens." This news makes "Rogue One" the biggest pre-sale ticket numbers of the year 2016.

'Rogue One' is set to make bank at the Box Office

It is estimated that since the pre-sale was so successful, "Rogue One" will most likely be a huge box office success. The Star Wars franchise has a loyal fan following, and the box office numbers have reflected such. Last yeah, "The Force Awakens" dominated the box office and became the biggest movie of the year 2015. While "The Force Awakens" made over 200 million dollars during its opening weekend, it is being estimated that "Rogue One" will make around 130 million dollars during its opening weekend, which would make it one of the biggest box office openings of the year.

What will 'Rogue One' be about?

Unlike other "Star Wars" films, "Rouge One" is a stand-alone anthology. It will follow It will not feature the Skywalker family that fans are familiar with, but will feature a ray of new characters. Trailers of the upcoming film have revealed that villain Darth Vader will appear in the film. "Rogue One" follows the story of young rebels who set out to steal plans for the infamous Death Star. The film stars Academy Award nominee Felicity Jones. "Rogue One" will open in theaters on December 16, 2016. It will also be shown in 3D and IMAX theaters.