Japan is home to some of the most beautiful and hottest women. This country’s girls are mainly famous for their fair skin complexion, medium height, golden brown hair, and deep blue eyes. Some of the prettiest Japanese Models have gained popularity in a very short time, and revolutionized the fashion industry. On the other hand, Japanese Actresses are famous all over the world because of their talent, hard work, and dedication. Let us check out the list.

Kurara Chibana

This beauty diva from Japan is a renowned actress. Kurara Chibana began her career in the fashion industry, and represented her country in the Miss Universe 2006 contest.

Born in March, 1982, Chibana was the first runner-up of the beauty competition. With the passage of time, the doors of endless opportunities opened for her. She is native of Okinawa Prefecture, and can fluently speak Japanese and English languages. She is best known for her amazing costumes. For her perfect personality and graceful dresses, Kurara gives credit to the designer Yoshiyuki Ogata. During a recent interview, she said that she is very conscious about her outfits and never compromises on quality.

Miyako Miyazaki

We cannot complete our list without talking about Miyako Miyazaki. She is a beauty queen of Japan. She has represented her country in numerous competitions. Miyako first rose to prominence at the age of 15 when she won the Miss Universe title.

Born in February, 1978, she stands at 5'7". This gorgeous and one of the most beautiful Japanese modelswas the 4th runner up of the Miss World 2007. She received her graduation degree from the Kumamoto University. So far, this wonderful Japanese girl has modeled for "Renault", "Nina Ricci", and "Mikimoto".

Reon Kadena

Reon Kadena is a charming girl of Japan.

Her nicknames are Leon Kadena, and Minamo Kusano. She is one of the most successful actresses and models of Japan. Born in Osaka Prefecture, in February, 1986, Kadena first rose to the limelight when she appeared nude in Asahi Press’s "Naked Reon". In those days, she was only eighteen years old. During 2005, Reon made an appearance in a couple of videos by "Geneon Entertainment".

Her best work is the erotic drama "Piikan Fūfu". For this particular show, Kadena received a couple of awards. Later on, she became a part of "Secret Undercover Agent: Wild Cats in Strip Royale". She portrayed Alia in "Kamen Rider Ghost", and gained global recognition.