Recently the news has gone viral that Aubrey Plaza and Michael Cera were secretly dating each other. According to DailyMail, the two celebs have ‘almost married’ in a private ceremony in Las Vegas.

The love story of Aubrey Plaza and Michael Cera

The 32-year-old diva has claimed that she was quietly dating her “Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World” co-star for a couple of years, and everything was fine between the two of them. Finally, the 28-year-old Cera proposed his beloved and she accepted the proposal without wasting a single minute. Now they are considering to tying the knot very soon, and have plans to through a grand party for their friends and family members.

Speaking more about this love story, Aubrey says “I was quite serious for Michael, and we spent quality time together. We shot for a few movies, and have taken the decision to spend the rest of our lives together.”

When asked if this relationship blossomed because of spending so much time with each other, Plaza replies: “We are not the animals in captivity, and we do have senses to choose the right thing. Whatever has happened between two of us is by mutual understanding. We did not fall in love just to have a physical relationship.”

A little about Aubrey Plaza

Born in June 1984, Aubrey Christina Plaza is a successful actress and former fashion model of the US. She rose to the limelight with her powerful appearance as April Ludgate in “Parks and Recreation”.

Later on, she played fantastic roles in projects like “Safety Not Guaranteed”, “The Jeannie Tate Show”, “Funny People”, “10 Years”, and “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World”.

Plaza is from Wilmington and is a daughter of Bernadette and David Plaza. The names of her two younger sisters are Renee and Natalie. Just like other girls of her religion, Aubrey attended a Catholic school and studied there till grade 12.

Later on, she took admission at "Ursuline Academy", and completed her graduation in 2002. Before pursuing a career as an actress, this bold and beautiful female studied at New York University's Tisch School of the Arts.

Talking about her professional life, she played the role of a princess in “Troopers on CollegeHumor”, and became an internationally recognised celebrity.

Now she is very excited about her future life. Reportedly, Cera and Plaza have bought an apartment in New York City, and would soon shift there.

We wish both of them good luck and expect that they would soon complete their family with a little baby.