A Bollywood star's horrific ordeal left her beaten and fighting off the effects of tear gas in her Paris, France, apartment. Mallikia Sherawat was attacked by three men masking their faces in scarves. This home invasion happened to be within the same Paris apartment block where Kim Kardasian was tied up and robbed just weeks ago.

Horrific ordeal

The 40-year-old star of Bollywood movies is well known as a sex symbol in her native country of India. She is also someone who is well known for being a feminist who is outspoken about violence against women in her homeland.

Tear gassed and punched

Police have launched an investigation into this bizarre attack, which first appeared to have been robbery as the motive, but nothing was taken. Mallika and her boyfriend, Cyrille Auxenfans, 45, returned to Millika's apartment at about 9:30 p.m. local time. Auxenfans is a businessman from France and the Daily Mail refers to him as Mallika's "lover."

Three masked men

When they walked through the door of the apartment they were met by three men wearing scarves over their faces. They sprayed both Millika and Auxenfans with tear gas and then punched the duo, but never said a word while doing so.

Robbery gone wrong?

Once they punched the Bollywood star and her boyfriend they fled on foot, leaving the couple struggling with the aftermath of tear gas and blows to their body.

The couple called the French equivalent of 911 emergency services. Police detectives are working under a theory that the men were there to rob Millika, but never succeeded in getting any loot. Auxenfans also owns an apartment in the same building where Millika lives, which is in an upscale area of Paris.

Working on theory

Police report that the couple were both suffering from minor injuries, but didn't need hospitalization.

After learning that nothing was taken in the robbery the police are now trying to figure out a motive. While it still could have been a robbery gone bad, it is unknown at this present time what the initial motive may have been.