Is "Teen Mom OG" star Ryan Edwards rehab bound after rumors began flying that he may have a substance abuse problem? It all started after last week's new episode of the MTV reality series. It was revealed that Ryan was kicked out of his parents house by his father, Larry Edwards, who revealed to producers that he wants nothing to do with Ryan ever again. Then in a scene where Ryan is telling his side of the story he claims to not remember much of the argument that led to him moving out of his parents home, and fans thought his eyes looked like he may be high on drugs.

His pupils seemed very dilated and the speculation began.

Does Ryan have a serious problem?

Some other "evidence" that might suggest Ryan Edwards was high on drugs during last week's episode of "Teen Mom OG" includes his disheveled appearance. Ryan looked a mess when his mother, Jen, brought Bentley to visit him on Father's Day. Ryan also repeated himself by asking Bentley if he got any hits at his baseball game multiple times. Ryan did not attend the baseball game for some reason, and fans believe that reason could be because of his drug use. Some viewers took to social media to give their opinions, with many saying Edwards looked like he was high on meth or cocaine!

Fans speculation about Edwards' possible drug abuse

The rumors about Ryan Edwards alleged drug use are running wild online, and "Teen Mom OG" fans seem to believe that substance abuse could be the reason why Ryan has become a lazy parent. In recent episodes of the MTV reality series, Ryan's ex Maci Bookout has revealed that Ryan doesn't make much of an effort to parent their son, Bentley.

Ryan is said to rarely attend his son's baseball games, and not spend much time with him during his custody time. Bookout even revealed that Ryan is more like Bentley's big brother than his father.

Should Ryan seek treatment in rehab?

It looks like this situation could get ugly, and if MTV cameras continue to film Ryan Edwards then they may catch more than they've bargained for.

Of course, "Teen Mom" has filmed other stars of the show when they were high in the past. Both Amber Portwood and Jenelle Evans have struggled with serious drug addiction, but have gotten clean since spending time in rehab. Some fans are suggesting that Ryan Edwards needs to head to rehab himself before it's too late.