Kendall Jenner loves baring her breasts and finds it comfortingly seductive showing off her post-boob job boobs. Her exact words were that she likes her "t-ts being out." It's not just the peek-a-boo side boobs--Jenner is going the full Kim Kardashian on #FreetheNipple because she likes how it feels (comfortable and sexy). The fashion icon flaunted her assets, nipples and areola in see-thru tops. Leaving nothing to the imagination has become the specialty of all the sisters including little sister Kylie Jenner but big sis is giving her some tough competition.Ah the things celebrities do for fame!

Kendall Jenner keeps no secrets

If you're one of those people who prefers having some body parts teasingly covered, don't look to Kendall. If you like to see the goods on display, well, she's your go-to girl. In fact the entire "Keeping up with the Kardashians" female contingent is happy to share the assets. Just weeks before her infamous Paris attack, Kim Kardashian was going about essentially naked from the waist up.

Hot or ho-hum?

Kim's also notorious for posting nude selfies on social media. It's become so habitual that it no longer shocks. Her curvaceous figure (enhanced by plasticsurgery, boob job, butt implants, don't forget) is so visible that it doesn't get a rise or at least not as much it used to when her naked body wasn't so prevalent.

That is the danger of public over-exposure of the privates--your impressive decolletage gets a little boring after being so often on view. Note to self, Kendall--look what happened to Venus de Milo--her nipples and areola are just so much marble now.

If it's about breast pride, why the boob job?

Kendall Jenner says that showing off her breasts makes her feel alluring and sexy.

Like Miley Cyrus, Jenner believes that nipples should be celebrated and the best way is to uncover them. Fair enough--a bit exhibitionist, but if that's your thing, you be you. What doesn't make sense is that it's not really her boobs she's showing off but silicone injected plastic sacks. Why the breast augmentation if you're so proud of your mammary glands? Plastic surgery seems to be a compensation method to cover major body image issues.