Showtime’s “Shameless”season 7 is off to a disturbing start. “Shameless” spoilers for season 7 episode 3 "Home Sweet Homeless Shelter remind us just how low the hit cable show can go. Unlucky in love Carl Gallagher finds out he may have the clap after his girl just convinced him to get circumcised. Is she cheating already? Frank Gallagher torments his family and Kevin Ball and the wives start a new business.

Frank makes a messy new family right next door!

Family reject Frank Gallagher decided he’s had enough of his brats and assembles a surrogate family of spectacular losers starting with his new lady friend Dollface Dolores (played by guest star Arden Myrin).

To make it worse, he moves his newfound family in next door to his old family.

Fiona Gallagher and Debbie Gallagher are shocked when Frank opens up a homeless shelter just down the street and Veronica and Svetlana stare in horror at how he’s bringing their shady neighborhood even lower.

Frank invades the diner with Gallagher family 2.0

Frank Gallagher says “God is handing me a do over” and says he has a new Ian, a new Lip and a new Debbie (pointing to a young man). He even has a “new Fiona” who weighs about double what real Fiona does and she’s not happy.

Waving her phone, Fiona Gallagher says they need to leave the diner or she’ll call the cops. Things get worse when “new Fiona” calls her the b* word.

It’s too bad Frank won’t just take his brand new family and find a brand new place to live – he wants to hang around and taunt the Gallaghers for rejecting him.

New business opportunities

Fiona Gallagher struggles as manager of the rundown pie shop and tells brother Lip Gallagher that she can make something of herself. Lip wonders how he can make use of the FBI raid on his internship start-up employer to benefit himself.

Kevin Ball pushes hard for his idea of a topless maid service that actually cleans and Veronica Fisher and Svetlana decide showing their ta-tas isn’t so bad if it will get them out of the financial mess they are in. The husband, wife and other wife start their new business with a bang.

Carl runs scared and Ian deals with heartbreak

Carl Gallagher is terrified when Luther, dad of girlfriend Dominique, shows up and says “you gave my daughter gonorrhea.” He comes at Carl and the Gallaghers shout at him to run – Carl does – but wasn’t he a virgin when he got with D? Does this mean she’s been with someone else?

Or could the cut-rate circumcision doctor have exposed him to an STD in his office? What happened? Ian Gallagher is suffering with his breakup from sexy fireman Caleb. Is this as bad as when he and Mickey Milkovich came to an end? Anyone else hoping Mickey is paroled soon so they can reunite?

Showtime’s “Shameless” season 7 episode 3 Home Sweet Homeless Shelter airs on the cable network on Sunday October 16 at 9 pm.