Bon Jovi members David Bryan and Tico Torres are the only remaining members left of the original five musicians in the original lineup of Bon Jovi, originating in 1983, alongside band founder Jon Bon Jovi. Although they have weathered many storms both personally and professionally, Bryan and Torres revealed in an exclusive interview that despite the changes that have impacted the band throughout its history, as a unit, the 2016 version of the group is stronger than ever as they continue to make music history with their 14th studio album, "This House is not for Sale."

"We are a current classic.

We strive to have new records. We strive to have new songs on the radio," remarked Bryan. "We've got our 14th record coming out and hopefully, it's another number one record. That feels really good that we can gain those new fans and still bring the fans that have been there with us for some of the ride, or all of the ride."

The core members, alongside Phil X and Hugh McDonald, most recently performed a mini-tour to debut the new album in its entirety. The concerts were held in smaller venues to add to the intimacy of the new material. The band appeared recharged and re-energized by the experienced, as evidenced in the comments from drummer Tico Torres when asked about the selected dates.

Bon Jovi "re-energized' by mini-tour, new album

"It was a lot of fun to be able to do a listening party and play the entire record live," explained Torres. "The concept of doing it before the record is out and doing it in a small forum where you can actually explain the lyrics and the story and reasoning behind it for me, is probably the most unique forum to be able to show your music and the work."

Torres continued, "We had to relearn these things.

So the fact that we were able to perform it is an immediate gratification in a sense, because you're sharing it at that moment for the first time not only with yourself, but the audience."

Both Torres and Bryan also address the absence of former Bon Jovi lead guitarist Richie Sambora from the band and how the experience has affected them both personally and professionally.

"Richie is a brother, you don't brush that off," remarked Torres

"We had some wonderful years with Richie," said Bryan. "But if he wants to move on in his own direction, it's one of those things that you can't avoid. But we carry on. The premise of this record is 'This House is not for Sale.' We have roots and we are still together and strong and love playing music together."

Added Torres, "The band itself went through a lot of angst. Richie is a brother, he was with us for many years, and that's not something you brush off. Time heals wounds and music definitely heals everything. So at the end of the day, it's not like we are brushing him off but it's just something you have to carry on in your life."

Bon Jovi's 14th studio album "This House is not for Sale" will be released on Nov. 4.