One of the scariest parts of Halloween2016 is that it's followed by a presidential election. News sources say that while Donald Trump may not be more popular than his Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton, Trump Halloween costumes certainly are. If you're going as the GOP nominee or as Mrs. Clinton, here arefree printableHalloween masksofpoliticians, celebrities and more. And how about these fun ideas for couples costumes idea--she could go as Trump and he as Clinton!

Free Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton Halloween masks

Visit for 100+ free printable Halloween masks.

The site compiles printables from all over. Along with politicians' masks, print cool steampunk, Star Wars, Doctor Who and artsy creature faces--like a New Orleans Mardi Gras. Print, color, cut and assemble awesome 3D Halloween masks of animals. For traditional trick-or-treating, scare upmonstermasks: Frankenstein, witch, zombie, skeleton, mummy, vampire, bat and more. Print a mask from King of the Hill or the Simpsons.

Donald Trump masks outselling Hillary Clinton

Trump is leading Hillary in Halloween costumes and some are pretty bizarre. If you'd like to go as another famous person, check out the Wonder How-To site for masks of celebrities like Sarah Palin, Barack Obama, Glenn Beck, Michael Phelps, Jon and Kate Gosselin, Ron Paul, Putin, Kim Jong-II and more.

Visit Forbes Magazine for celebrity Halloween masks including Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, Amy Winehouse, Elvis and others. Forbes features politicians, especially those in scandal, notorious celebrities, world leaders, religious leaders, high-profile criminals, and prominent society figures for that year.

Use Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump masks in lesson plans

Use political costumes in fun, educational government current events activities. Or use your Halloween masks and costume to make a statement! Students will love making masks of world leaders, politicians and famous persons. Teachers might assign students to stage Republican vs Democrat mock debates or presidential election forums.

They could write speeches, debates or dramatizations of U.S. history events and wear masks. Use celebrity masks for creative writing inspiration on satire, parody or essay writing. Use 3D animal masks in science. If you can't print the masks, just make one by cutting eye holes in a face image.