JoJo Siwa has been thetalk of this season ever since rumors came up about her leaving the team, and "Dance Moms" -- and it looks like those rumors have finally been confirmed as being true. It is official, JoJo Siwa is no longer a part of the Abby Lee Dance Company or the Lifetime hit Reality TV show. And she may have actually been kicked out by not only Abby but by the mothers themselves.

Abby and the moms kick JoJo off the team and the show

In the last episode of "Dance Moms,"Abby gave JoJo a ballet duet with teammateKendall Vertesto perform at the dance competition for that week.

As most moms would be thrilled that their daughter was given a duet, Jessalynn became upset at the fact that Abby had given them a ballet routine, as ballet isn't one of JoJo's personal strong suits. She claimed that the dance coach was setting JoJo up to look bad and pulled her daughter from the competition.Jessalynn stated that they're working on branding JoJo as the next big thing and she will not let Abby bring them down.

The moms, as always, rolled their eyes in response to the JoJo drama. Ashlee Allen and Kira Girardspecifically were very upset with the way Jessalynn was acting. Ashlee stated that Jessalynn never forces JoJo to do anything. She handles everything with just pulling her out.

Abby stated that she was very offended when Jessalynn pulled JoJo from the routine. She said that she bailed without sending any texts or emails regarding the issue. She explained that she just wanted JoJo to branch out a bit more considering all she really sticks to is hip hop and jazz.

Ashlee, Brynn Rumfallo'smother, stated that JoJo's clearly done with being a dancer, that all she and her mother cares about is becoming the next reality tv show star and making a lot of money.

Kalani takes JoJo's place in the ballet routine

The show must go on! So Abby replaced JoJo with Kalani Hilliker, giving her the ballet duet with Kendall. They endedup placing first with Brynn and Nia Frazier coming in behind them placing third for their duet together.

Aside from the duets, Abby Lee also had to rechoreograph the group routine due to JoJo's absence.

But despite that, the group routine also managed to place first overall.While the dancers and their mothers were at the dance competition, one of the mini's moms pointed out that she saw on Instagram that JoJo had posted a photo of her lounging at the pool while the competition was taking place. This infuriated the mothers.

Abby stated that even if JoJo had been in the duet and the group routine, that it would not have placed as well as it did.Clearly, Abby, the dancers, and the moms feel as though JoJo's absence from the team doesn't make a difference at all, in fact, if anything, it benefits them.