Kim Kardashian is famous for her lush figure, she shows her body all the time and many wonder why she does. Kim is not a porn star, she is a reality star, married and mother of two children. Finally, the reason for her extreme exposure was revealed:she loves attentionand does not care what other people think. Kim seems to be a big fan of the slogan 'free the nipple' because in the last days she wore transparent clothes that showed her boobs. Kim is not the only star who continues that trend, there are many Celebrities who dare to show much.

What Kanye West says

Kanye West loves Kim's body, he thinks she should show it all the time. Besides, he loves nudity because he considers the human body a work of art. Some dare to say that the music mogul uses his wife to hide the bad reviews he received for his last album 'Life of Pablo'. This version could be true because 'Yeezus' handled very well in the media. Heofficially joined Instagramfive days ago and already has more than a million followers with only one pic.

A possible future

Although 'Kiki' got everything anyone could dream, such as fame, beauty, money, and a good marriage, the reality star could study at the university. She does not rule out becoming a lawyersomeday. Her father, Robert Kardashian (died in 2003), was a successful lawyer and he would be her great inspiration.

She also wants her children to study and be the best at what they do. 'Kiki' imagines herself having a normal life in the future and being a good mother to her children.

Her followers believe she could become a lawyer in the same way that she achieved all her goals. Instead her 'haters' think she will always prefer Hollywood instead of a normal life.

Perhaps the reality star is planning a possible normal life in the future to protect her kids from the dangers of drugs and alcohol, something very common among the children of celebrities. Harmful substances can affect any child anywhere but in Hollywood, drugs are easy to get because there is big money involved.