Jude Law may be a talented actor, but Star Magazine claims that he is going broke trying to pay for child support for five children. Jude learned an important lesson when he struggled to keep up with the financial demands of raising five children, with three "baby mamas." Law reportedly started to struggle to pay the child support a few years ago but thought his Pepsi contract would help make things a littleeasier. As it turns out, the Pepsi contract barely covered his debt and the actor was left wondering how he will pay his child support in the future.

"Jude will be the first to tell you that his massive child support payments are draining his bank accounts. He felt that the Pepsi ad in Japan was a step down as a former A-List actor, but he had to do something to support his five children," reports Star's inside source.

The children

Law has three children with his ex-wife, Sadie Frost named Rafferty, Iris, and Rudy. He also has a daughter with a former "fling", Samantha Burke named Sophia. And, lastly, Jude has a baby with his ex-girlfriend, Catherine Harding. At one time, paying his child support bills were not difficult, but recently, Jude has not been getting very much acting work, so supporting his children has been much more difficult.

Pepsi to the rescue?

Jude will make five figures for the Pepsi feature ad in Japan, but is that enough to make a dent in his child support? Apparently, he's been so concentrated on making sure his children were taken care of he's fallen behind on other bills. He needs a near miracle to get in a good spot with his finances again.

Jude Law never thought he would be in this position ever again. He is now worried about money, and obviously concerned how he will be able to support his children, their schooling, and his basic bills for his home. All, Jude needs is a movie deal and it would solve most all his money troubles. The problem is, the movie auditions and offers have stopped rolling in, so Law is in a heap of trouble trying to figure out how to support his super-large family.