Backstabbed is a new movie that is currently airing on Lifetime. It premiered on Saturday, September 3 and will be shown many more times. If you get the chance, please watch it. The movie will be of interest to real estate agents as well as to those looking to buy a house in the future. Backstabbed is not based on a true story like many of the Lifetime Movies. Even so, people can learn about the unethical real estate practices that go on behind the scenes when agents are desperate to make that big sale.

About 'Backstabbed'

Backstabbed was advertised to be one of the most intense dramas that Lifetime has ever aired. The movie has many dark occurrences. At times, viewers are wondering who is being backstabbed and who is the backstabber. During the movie, there are both. The storyline is about Shelby Adams, played by Brittany Underwood, who is studying to become a real estate agent. Just before she gets her license, she wants to be an intern for her teacher Paulette Bolton, played by Josie Davis.

Bolton doesn't practice what she teaches. She does some very unethical things to sell houses. She turns out to be devious, immoral, and a murderer. Shelby falls into Paulette's traps and has a hard time getting out.

About the stars of 'Backstabbed'

Josie Davis plays Paulette Bolton, a devious real estate agent who stops at nothing to get the big sale on houses and land. Josie in real life is best known for her role as Sarah Powell in the television sitcom, Charles in Charge. She starred in another Lifetime movie The Perfect Assistant where she was just as evil.

The 43-year-old actress was a regular on Beverly Hills 90210Brittany Underwood plays Shelby Adams. She and her husband are in need of cash. She thinks real estate will help them get out of debt. In real life, the 28-year-old actress from New Jersey has been in the soap opera One Life to Live

Check your local listing to see when Backstabbed will be shown in your area. The new movie is worth watching.

It is a story showing the extent that some real estate agents will go to get those big commission checks. Admittedly, Paulette Bolton is one of a kind. Those who have a real estate career can learn what not to do by watching the movie.

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