A few weeks ago, fans were upset over the possibility that Daryl Dixon may die in The Walking Dead. A promo clip was released at that time featuring Dwight (Austin Amelio) wearing Daryl's vest and riding his motorcycle. Some viewers panicked and thought it meant Norman Reedus' character was a goner. However, recent TWD spoilers reveal that Dixon might be just fine. If so, what are some reasons why Dwight had his possessions?

Dwight and the Saviors take what they want

TWD fans learned last season that the Saviors take whatever they want. If a community refuses, then there are consequences, which sometimes include taking someone's life.

The story about Negan's men was told to the group when they visited the Hilltop Colony. Dwight is a member of the Saviors and in the past, he and Daryl have crossed paths. Remember when he took Dixon's crossbow and bike in season 6? Norman Reedus' character got them back, but Dwight probably plans on snatching them again.

Dwight and Daryl could be working together

Before you laugh at this theory for The Walking Dead, consider that in the comic books, Dwight actually helps Rick defeat the Saviors. He feels bad about his actions and leaks information to Rick. This helps Alexandria defeat Negan. There is a rumor that the Saviors kidnap Daryl. If this happens, Dixon may try to talk some sense into Dwight.

Perhaps he will listen and the two will work together. However, Negan will have to be fooled into thinking that Dwight is still on their side. Borrowing Daryl's things might be one way to do it. Why else would Dwight look so nervous and scared in the promo clip?

Daryl could survive being attacked

If Dwight does try to kill Daryl Dixon, he might survive.

He has been through some intense moments in the past. It is only reasonable to assume that more is coming for Norman Reedus' character. The focus of season 7 might be Negan vs. Rick, but it could also be about Daryl vs. Dwight.

What do you think of these theories for The Walking Dead? Do any of them sound possible? Find out what happens with Daryl Dixon when AMC Networks airs the season 7 premiere on October 23.