Raven-Symone, the former "Cosby Show" child star, stunned with her 70-pound weight loss. Now, after being hounded all her life by producers to lose weight, the "State of Georgia" star whose motto is "thick and fabulous" is being told to get "thicker" again! You just can't please some people! Here's weight loss advice Raven-Symone used to get thin and fabulous.

"State of Georgia" star Raven-Symone undergrew her role

All her life, since age three when the child actor started in the business, Symone says she was told by show producers to be smaller.

On "State of Georgia" Symone plays a plus-sized and confident woman trying to fit into a skinny girl's world. Never shy or awkward about her weight, Symone, fit the part perfectly. Then she decided that, while she was still okay being overweight, she might want to consider the health ramifications of obesity. So Symone took off 70 pounds to get down to a super skinny 135 pounds. Which was great for her but not so great for the character she plays. Now her costumes have to be padded to get her back to the thicker gal she was! It kind of changes the point of the "State of Georgia" storyline which is to love yourself as you are and that size doesn't matter. So size kinda does matter for the character.

Symone is actually being told to gain weight she lost.

Raven-Symone reveals weight loss secrets

Symone loves to eat, she says. And she was raised with the idea that it was wrong to waste food. So in order to get down to a physically healthier role she had to quit the clean plate club. She now purposely orders food and throws half of it away, just to prove it's okay not to eat everything and to practice portion control.

On the rare occasions that she eats fast food, Symone orders a veggie burger with fries and then discards half the package of fries. She has also adopted the six small mealsdiet plan. Instead of eating huge portions at two to three times a day, Symone spreads her calorie intake out over the day, eating meals of 200-300 calories each. A lot of Celebrities who've lost weight have done so with portion control. "Pawn Stars" Chumlee Russell lost weight eating in moderation. Chaz Bono shed pounds by nixing processed foods.