Have you seen Chaz Bono recently? If you thought he was just the obese transgender son of Cher, then think again. Along with "Chastity Bono"and his female orientation, Bono dropped a whopping 85 pounds and is now hot and sexy! Chaz recently discussed his eye-popping weight loss, eye-opening new movie "Dirty," and why he won't take any transgender roles.

Chaz Bono ate paleo to lose 85 pounds

Chaz weighed 250 pounds prior to weight loss which may not sound like all that much compared to some obese folks like Mama June Shannon who tipped the scales at nearly 400 pounds.

But on a short person like Bono, it looks like a lot more. Taller people can hide extra weight where every pound shows on vertically challenged folk. But to get from 250 pounds to 165 pounds is no easy task no matter how tall you are or how you slice it.

Chaz Bono chose the paleo route, which kind of simulates the ketogenic diet. In paleo you eat lots of vegetables, meat, nuts and seeds -- things hunter-gatherers ate. You eat like a caveman, avoiding foods that humans have grown, processed, ormodified such as dairy, cheese, eggs, grains, and sugar. Like the ketogenic diet you consume a diet of raw plant fiber, low carbohydrates, high protein, and fatty acids. The paleo diet is often said to work better for men than women.

As a transgender, Chaz has converted sexual reproduction organs from female to male. He's taken testosterone and steroids to alter facial hair growth. But physiologically he still has some female functioning. So it's interesting that the paleo worked well for him and that says that paleo may be a good weight loss plan for men and women alike.

Why Chaz Bono avoids transgender roles

In his 2016 movie "Dirty" Bono plays Jerry, a sloppy, ex-crackhead hoarder. Bono admits it's not very glamorous, but it's right up his alley. He's a character actor and he gave the role of Jerry a pathos where directors were looking for comedy. But there's one role he won't take and that's transgender. Chaz is afraid of being typecast, something that often happens in Hollywood, especially to actors who embody character aspects in real life.