The History Channel "Pawn Stars" might get confused with "Extreme Makeover" as several have gotten a new look. Corey Harrison lost a jaw-dropping 192 pounds and, even more amazing, has managed to keep it off. Austin "Chumlee" Russell another of the formerly obese "Pawn Stars" thought "Big Hoss" Harrison looked so good he thought he'd try to lose weight -and he did. Between them, they shed 300 pounds! Both are half the men they used to be. Here's how "Big Hoss" whittled himself down from 402 pounds to 210 pounds and keeps himself at a good weight.

Corey Harrison heeds Type 2 diabetes scare

40 or 50 pound weight loss is impressive, but "Slim" Harrison as they should call Corey if they don't already,lost almost 200 pounds. How did he lose roughly half of his body weight? By doing something most people, particularly men, have difficulty doing--following doctors' orders. Admit it, guys, the easiest thing in the world to do, when the doc tells you to change something, is make excuses. Patients tell physicians (and themselves) that they can't lose weight because _____(insert reason). They have a glandular disorder, they're big-boned, their whole family is overweight. This appears to be true in Harrison's case: his dad Rick Harrison and grand-dad Richard "Old Man" Harrison are both big guys.

But true or not, making excuses doesn't make you any healthier. So when the doc started "Big Hoss" Harrison on diabetes meds, Corey took it seriously. He decided to do whatever it took to avoid diabetes.

'Big Hoss' uses lap band and hard work

Harrison scrounged up the money to pay for lap band surgery to get the weight off. This type of procedure isn't cheap but it was worth it to him.

In the first few months, Harrison lost 50 pounds which might not seem like a lot when you have four times that to lose. And it begs the questions: is weight loss surgery worth it? Do you need lap band surgery to lose weight? Raven-Symone didn't need it to lose 70 pounds. Chaz Bono didn't need it to lose a lot of weight. But each person knows himself best.

For some, like Corey Harrison, weight lossfrom surgery was enough to prove to that he could lose weight. That's a fear many people have - that they can't lose. And surgery alone won't do it. You have to change how you eat and exercise. Thanks to that plan, Harrison shed 142 more pounds. And he kept them off.