Hunter Johnson got his start in show business as a child actor in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Now residing in Los Angeles, California, Hunter has taken part in many video projects and indie films; he has a special affinity for the horror genre. One of his most recent projects is a film called “2 Jennifer” by Sector 5 Films. The movie--which was written and directed by Hunter--is a blend of horror and suspense. Recently, Hunter spoke about his experiences working in the entertainment industry:

Starting out

Blasting News (BN): What inspired you to become a Filmmaker?

Hunter Johnson (HJ): I have always been making Movies. I used to lug around my parent's video cassette camcorder and film action figure movies. Once I entered high school, I took a film and media class that also reinforced my habit, and got me thinking about trying to make a career of it. But most importantly, having a supportive family that encouraged me to follow this path was the most inspiring thing of all.

BN: What are your favorite genres to work in?

HJ: I work almost exclusively in the horror genre. I am a fan of psycho killer movies, where it's not so much a "who done it" but more of a "why and what will they do next." I love films where we know who the bad guy is the whole time. It's so much more interesting to me to see insanity without a mask.

Films like "Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer" and "The Human Centipede" franchise are great examples of this style and strong inspirations for my work.

Current projects

BN: Where did the idea for“2 Jennifer” come from?

HJ: I had reviewed James Cullen Bressack's film "To Jennifer" for my site, LA Horror, and loved it. About two years later I ended up working with James on a film called "Restoration," and the idea for the film came from a candid conversation we were having about social media and "Stalkers”; this lead to me writing a treatment for the film and ultimately the final script.

BN:How would you describethe film?

HJ: "2 Jennifer" is a psycho slasher film shot in the found footage style. It's definitely a slow burner, which are the types of films I love, but packs a nasty punch at the end. I like to describe it as slimy, nasty and of course rated hard "R."

BN:How personal a story is it?

HJ: It's definitely fiction, thank goodness.

That being said, the film is very personal to me because it's my first feature as a writer and director. James let me make the movie I wanted to make, for which I'm very grateful. Luckily the character of Spencer is 100% different than who I am as a person, but it was fun to explore a dark side that we all have. As an actor, there are several moments in the film that remind you how degrading this industry can be and that even if you book the role things still may go haywire. Actors and filmmakers might relate to "2 Jennifer."

Future hopes

BN: Do you have any upcoming projects that you want to mention?

HJ: Frank Merle, one of the producers on "2 Jennifer," just wrapped up the third installment, "#FromJennifer," which I helped produce.

It's going to take the whole franchise to a new level. I also just wrapped a horror/comedy entitled "Ugly Sweater Party" which I was a producer and actor on. My next film as a writer and director is called "Serena Waits." It's a revenge flick that we are filming this fall.

BN: What advice would you give to someone who is aspiring to be a filmmaker?

HJ: Put yourself out there as much as possible. Stay positive and productive. If you aren't working on someone else's project, you should be working on your own. Work on as many sets as possible, because 99% of the work you get will come from people you know. If you make a good impression on people and do your job well when given the opportunity, people will remember. Just stay as active in the industry as you can and surround yourself with people that have similar goals.