Tyler Perry's The Haves and the Have Notson OWN does not disappoint each week.

The last episode on July 26,was packed with new information that fans just loved. The previous week ended on a suspenseful note, but some of the drama was cleared up much to fans' delight.

Veronica was stabbed.

Viewers saw Jeffrey stab his mother as the show ended last week. Jeffrey ran out of the house thinking he had killed Veronica. However, it was only a superficial wound that did not kill her.

In fact, one of the paramedics said it went into her implants. Veronica denied she had implants, but that's just like Veronica.

Jeffrey contacts Justin, his police friend.

Jeffrey seems to be going out of his mind over what he had just done. Thinking his mother is dead, he calls Justin, his police friend.

Jeffrey takes Justin to Candace's backyard where Quincy is buried. He is ready to tell Justin about how he and Candace killed Quincy in self-defense.

However, that's when the episode ended. Viewers will have to wait until next week to find out how much Jeffrey will tell the police officer.

Wyatt is not dead.

Wyatt's parents were told their son is dead. For the entire season, Wyatt has been lying facedown on the bed, with police officers and the hotel manager standing over him.

They all assumed he was dead. No one bothered to turn him other or check to see if he was dead or alive.

They reported that he had died of an overdose.

In the meantime, Jim Cryer is so heartbroken over the news concerninghis son's death that he sends David to the hotel to see if Wyatt is really dead.

It is a good thing that Jim was insistence because David is the one who commanded the officials to "turn him over." They discovered that Wyatt was still breathing and not dead after all.

Another cliff hanger.

At the end of the episode, Candace learned that Jeffrey and officer Justin are in her backyard.

She fears that Jeffrey is relating everything to Justin about Quincy's death.

Viewers will have to wait another week for more drama on The Haves and the Have Nots.