Joe Kenda grew up in Herminie, Pennsylvania. He graduated from Greensburg Central Catholic in 1964 and went on to attend the University of Pittsburgh in 1968. In 1967 he married his high school sweetheart Kathy.His mother was originally from Colorado Springsso Kenda, his wife, and two childrendecided to call that home Hejoined the police department in 1973.

According to Inquisitr, when he was in negotiations for the show he was told it would be scripted. He refused saying, "I am not an actor.WhatI am isa policeman and if you want me to tell you about these murders, I will.

I don't have to do anythingexcept die and pay taxes. If you want to do this turn your cameras on for 30 minutes and I'll talk about the case. And so I did."

A look at the show

Carl Marino plays Kenda in the show "Homicide Hunter" on Investigation Discovery. Our beloved Kenda narrates the show as he recounts the various cases in his impressive career.He is very good at making the viewer feel as though they are a part of the story.Kenda will discuss the feelings that were invoked in him at the time as well as his thoughts to lead to the next steps. He shows empathy and anger, disgust and pride. He connects with the viewers as he relays the details in a very compassionate manner showing respect for the deceased.Kenda always sees the homicide victim as a real person that mattered, not just a case to solve.

An impressive career

For over two decades Kenda served the Colorado Springs community as a homicide detective. He solved 387 murders in that time. As he recounts the tale, the viewer sees his down to earth personality, attention to every detail calm demeanor as well as his deep compassion for all the parties involved. This coupled with his catch phrases such as "Well, my, my, my" lead to popularity among viewers and the success of "Homicide Hunter".

The show has been in production since February 2011. It has increased in popularity over the years and Kenda is a regular on the TV schedule of many homes. An entire line of merchandise is now available for "Homicide Hunter" fans.