The Alaskan Bush People are in between seasons and after all the trials and tribulations that the Brown family went through in the last season, you can only image what is in store for them when they return back to the TV screen.

As of today, it is still not known if theDiscovery Channel has yet to renew the Alaskan Bush People for a 5th season, but considering they are the top rated show for that network, there's a good chance they'll be back, suggeststhe Inquistr.

Billy and Ami have arude awakening?

So what will the 'wolfpack' look like if and when they do return?

Matt was away in rehab and when he didn't return on the date the family expected, it looked as if he may have found that civilization had something to offer him.

At the end of season 4, Billy and Ami, the parents of this wild brood, were sitting waiting for Josh to ferry Matt back home to Browntown in their small boat. As Billy and Amy watched Josh come into view on the water, it became very apparent Matt was not with him.

Wolfpack not intact

The Brown's were concerned because Matt had not left them any word as to his whereabouts. After the filming had ended he had eventually let the family know he opted to stay longer in treatment.

Season 4 found life events separating the Brown family, who pride themselves as working together through life as a unit.

Did Matt's departure give Ami and Billy some thoughts to ponder?

Is it time to encourage this family to fly the nest and go out into the world? Billy and Ami have not prepared them for this, so it could be a real problem.

Recently the wolfpack has been spotted in Anchorage, without Matt, so it could be they've left Browntown to be closer to Matt while he's in treatment.

This is something most treatment facilities would probably discourage, this type of family enmeshment.

Watching over his kingdom

What is Ami and Billy's take on family life? Through the episodes of the Alaskan Bush People it was obvious that Billy adored his family.

He was often seen standing on the front porch of his Browntownshanty literally admiring what his grown children were doing, like taking on some odd projects.

Both Ami and Billy seemed to see their kids as kids and not the grown adults that they are.

Matt, Gabe, Josh, Bear and Noah are often creating things that both parents look over and praise, they don't get much negative feedback from their parents, which is what they'd experience in the real world.

This type of positive feedback on a constant basis has seemed to offer a false sense of security to these grown adults while out in the real world.

Look at that stupid dummy they put together for the fire department! They didn't have the sense to know it belonged in the garbage and not used as a homemade gift for the firefighters training!

Play dates

Because Ami and Billy have taken such an active role in the adult lives of their five boys, they seem to have an overwhelming need to please the parents, more so Billy than Ami.

So far on the Alaskan Bush People, the five adult boys greatest life accomplishments have been creating basically worthless contraptions using articles they salvage out of the nearest town's junkyard.

Time to fly the nest?

Ami and Billy have not prepared their kids for life as adults, but as long as they stay within the confines of Browntown, they will do just fine. This is not what life should be all about.

Starting your own tribe and never encouraging your kids to find lives of their own by developing interests of their own sounds a wee-bit selfish.

The viewers of this show would probably agree that Ami and Billy Brown are guilty of loving their kids to the point where life has become somewhat stifled for their brood.

Their two girls are still young, but their upbringing isn't much different. According to Premiere Date, there is still no word on another season of theAlaskan Bush People.