The Mumbai Police, on the night of June 08, 2016 busted a high-profile sex racket which was being operated in the Goregaon area. According to reports, one among the two models busted includes the beauty often seen in a renowned crime TV show.

The model who was caught has appeared in 'Savdhaan India', but her name is still kept under wraps.

Investigations are going on in this regard, and the investigators are yet to arrest the kingpin behind this scam.

The operatives of this business have been using social media sites likes Facebook to find their clients.

They used to share photos and contact details using social websites, and this advanced method allowed them to conduct these activities safely till now.

Officials conducted this raid after receiving a tip on their social service division. Based on crucial inputs from the informer, one Police officer disguised as a supplier approached theracket gang. After confirmation, cops conducted a fast paced raid near film city and held two models and pimps.

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After finding the clients through Facebook and Quikr, these men used to fix the deal over the phone. If reports are correct, then the rate of these girls for one night ranges from $1000-$1500,

Most people who availed the service of this top-rated sex organization were elite personalities in the society.

Police officials believe that more people from the Industry may also be involved in this plot, and their names will be exposed in the future investigation.

Earlier, in Kerala, actress Resmi Nair and her husband Rahul were arrested on the same charges.

The young lady who claimed to be a Playboy model used to command around $1300 for her one single night.

Similar cases have been reported in Hyderabad too; you should remember the Sweta Basu incident, in which the actress was caught for immoral practices.

Through the busts in the nation's financial capital, the hand-in-glove relation between the Indian Television Industry and sex escorts has become more evident and clear.