There are very few success stories on "The Walking Dead," but the rise of Maggie Greene is certainly one of them that shines bright in the dark and grim tale of the zombie apocalypse. A farm girl with a good head on her shoulders, and a knack for diplomacy, Maggie has a future as a leader if she can just stay alive. Now in a long term relationship with Glenn Rhee, and pregnant with his child, she is facing down tragedy when we saw her last. She's sick with some sort of problem, potentially with her pregnancy, and she's in Negan's lineup of potential victims.

Spoiler alert: This analysis ofMaggie Greene contains spoilers from "The Walking Dead" TV show and comic book series and may talk about events yet to unfold in the zombie apocalypse, so proceed with caution.

The last in her family to survive

Maggie is the sole survivor of the Greene farm, having lost her father Hershel, her mother Josephine, step-mother Annette, half-sister Beth Greene, step-brother Shawn and cousin Arnold. The unborn baby in her belly that she's made with Glenn Rhee is the last hope for the Greene family to continue on in the new world. Maggie proved in "The Same Boat" that she's capable of killing humans when she felt her unborn baby was threatened by the Saviors and she murdered Molly, who had imprisoned her and Carol.

Glenn, Rick, Deanna and Alexandria

Glenn and Maggie have what seems like an unbreakable bond and have survived many near-death experiences together, including imprisonment by the Governor and his attack on the prison. Deanna Monroe recognized Maggie's ability as a leader almost instantly when the group arrived at Alexandria and had big plans for her to help lead in the new world.

While Rick risks everything to bring Maggie to Hilltop where the only doctor in the area remains, he does so at the risk and peril of the core group. His best intentions may actually drive Maggie away, should she survive Negan's wrath and her current medical emergency.

A future at Hilltop

Maggie suffers the loss of Glenn in the comic books when Negan crushes his head with Lucille, his now famous bat.

She eventually differs with Rick Grimes and the group at Alexandria and finds her place in the apocalypse as a leader of Hilltop. While the TV show often differs from the comic book, should Maggie ascend to power at Hilltop it will splinter Alexandria and Rick's base of power, which could have powerful ramifications on the group dynamics. Whoever is left behind, and lives through the possible upcoming war with Negan and his men, may have to choose to live under the thumb of Rick or under the direction and guidance of Maggie.