Glenn Rhee was one of the first characters we encountered on "The Walking Dead." His story from season 1 to season 7 is unique in the terms that he only recently took his first human kill, which left him a changed man. He's also a character that has escaped death in impossible situations over and over to the point where fans may wonder if his time has finally expired now that Negan has joined the cast. Spoiler alert: This analysis of Glenn Rhee contains spoilers from "The Walking Dead" TV show and comic book series and may talk about events yet to unfold in the zombie apocalypse, so proceed with caution.

The escape artist

We've seen Glenn almost die a few times on the show, most notably in season 6 when he hid under the garbage container and season 3 when The Governor took him and Maggie hostage. There was also that time in season 2 at the well with the bloated walker and season 4 when he got sick at the prison and Hershel saved his life. Season 5, however, might have been the biggest moment of foreshadowing when Glenn almost got his lights turned out for good at Terminus with a baseball bat.

Life with Maggie, Rick and the survivors

When Glenn found Maggie Greene at Hershel's farm the relationship at first was just sex, but over a short period of time the two fell for each other and eventually the relationship had the blessing of her father Hershel, who sealed the deal with the gift of a watch to Glenn.

Glenn has always been a fierce warrior when it comes to walkers, and he's put down a countless amount of them. His ability to survive saved Rick Grimes and others innumerable times over the years and his wild heart gave him the stamina to finally be reunited with Maggie after they were separated in the fight with the Governor and destruction of the prison.

Glenn has become a replacement of the group conscience from past characters like Dale Horvath and Hershel Greene. His ability to survive without killing the living, until recently, had been a big part of his philosophy of humanity in the apocalypse.

Comic book fate with Negan

In the comic book version of "The Walking Dead" Glenn dies shortly after meeting Negan, who bashes his skull open with Lucille in front of the Maggie, Rick and the others.

Season 6 ended on a controversial cliffhanger so we don't know exactly how the writers will handle Glenn's potential TV fate, but it's possible that he could be passed over in favor of another character dying in his place. Recently Denise Cloyd died in the same way that Abraham Ford was supposed to die in the comics, freeing up the possibility that he could replace Glenn for the Lucille death scene to start the seventh season.