The French magazine 'Closer' notes that Amber Heard has a lover: her name is Marie de Villepin, daughter of the former Prime Minister of France Dominique de Villepin, she is a model, actress, and singer. Marie is an openly lesbian woman like many Celebrities. They have been friends since 2013, and they never hid that that bond was more than a friendship. The magazine published photos of their last meeting and points out asmarital breakdownbetween Heard and Depp. This meeting happened six days before Heard accused Depp of domestic violence.

Who is Marie de Villepin?

Marie de Villepin is a 30-year-old French model, singer, and actress, who is well known for being irreverentand because she is the daughter of the former Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin. She has worked in films like 'Yves Saint Laurent', 'Devouring Art,' and 'La ruche.' As a model, she is the face of 'Ardency Inn' a makeup brand and as a musician, she is the lead singer of a group called 'Pinkest.' She splits her time between Paris, New York, and Los Angeles, loves classic literature, and shares many books with Heard.

Unexpected news

According to information that was just newly released, Amber Heardwas imprisoned in 2009 for assaulting a former girlfriend, the photographer Tasya van Ree.

Amber and Tasya discussed in an airport and the actress hurt her arm and the photographer reported the incident to the police. Amber was in prison for one day. The prosecutor of the case warned Heard to take care of her behavior because that action would be in her history for two years. The actress said nothing to the press at that time.

if it is true that Heard has a lover, we will have to see under what conditionsthis ugly divorcecontinues.Friends of Johnny Depp say that Heard married him for money and they think that she invented the domestic violence to obtain economic benefits. Depp has had a history over the last few years of tanking at the box office. This latest scandal, along with the death of his mother, are no doubt weighing heavily on the actor.