Sonarika Badoria is now a familiar figure on Indian Television; thanks to her role of Parvathy in mythological TV series 'Devon Ke Dev Mahadev'.

The actress who garner a respected position among Indian family audiences has now pulled everyone to a state of shock, as her bikini photos have gone viral on the Internet.

The actress shared her bikini snaps through her Instagram account. These pictures were taken recently when she was on a vacation.

However, Sonarika's move was not well received by her fans and well-wishers, as all of them wish to see her in a traditional avatar.

Due to the negative feedback, the actress soon removed some of the pictures. But later, a bold Badoria posted all the snaps again slamming the body shamers. This time, she hashtagged these images "Deleted Post".

Through a post, the TV actress criticized the body shaming attitude of Indian people. The star added that she received umpteen numbers of negative comments and curses soon after posting the picture.

As per Sonarika, she is not matured enough to handle these situations, and this has made her delete the post.

She made it clear that in Western Countries, campaigns are going against body shaming, but in India, things are not falling in the correct slots.

The photos posted by Sonarika are too seductive in nature, and it literally exposes her scintillating curves and flesh.

Some comments received by the actress like 'How can a Goddess wear a bikini',were so hurting that it might have compelled the actor to delete the posts.

Audiences should try to understand that actresses will have a separate real life, and it is not at all wise to compare them with their reel life. The viewers should be aware that it is their body, and they have their rights.

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The ravishing beauty made her acting debut through theTelugu flick 'Jaadugadu'. Later, she appeared in movies like'Speedunnodu' and 'Eedo Rakam Aado Rakam'.

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