Time for a special recap ofGame of Thrones season 6: where are the Starks' direwolves now? Where is Nymeria and what really happened to Shaggydog? (Be careful: possible spoilers ahead. If you're only interested in Nymeria and Shaggy's theories, you can jump to the last two paragraph).

Ghost: Jon Snow's direwolf

If you watched the last episodes of Game of Thrones season 6 you know that Ghost is at the Wall, at Jon's side. The most popular direwolf in the show is alive. He stayed at Jon's side even when he was dead and now, with Jon returned from the dead, he's ready to follow him in the battles to come.

Lady, Sansa's direwolf

Do you remember Lady? She was an unlucky direwolf indeed. Lady died in Game of Thrones season 1 after Nymeria, Arya's wolf, bitPrince Joffrey. Arya drove away Nymeria to save her life, but Cersei Lannister demanded Lady be killed instead of her, and Eddard Stark executed Sansa's direwolf himself. In the books, Lady's corpse is buried in Winterfell, and when the corpse arrives at the castle, the direwolves that were there howled mournfully.

Grey Wind, Robb's direwolf

Grey Wind died during the Red Wedding. He was caged and after the Frey's betrayal he was killed just like the Starks. As an insult, his head was sewn onto Robb's corpse. In A Song of Ice and Fire book series, Grey Wind fought many battles beside Robb and he sensed the incoming Frey's betrayal at the Twins.

Unfortunately, Robb didn't trust his direwolf instinct.

Summer, Bran's direwolf

We haven't seen Summer recently in GOT season 6, but he is with Bran, at the cave of the last greenseer. He entered the cave with Bran after he heroically defended him during the wights' assault near the cave.

Nymeria, Arya's direwolf

Nymeria defended Arya in GOT season 1 by biting Joffrey's arm when he was trying to hit Arya with a sword.

To save her life, Arya forced the direwolfto leave. But where is Nymeria now?

Arya's direwolf is running loose in the Riverlands. In the books, Arya hears talk of a giant wolf leading a pack south of the Trident. Lord Mooton ride out to hunt her but he's forced to retreat, losing many hounds during the operation. In A Storm of Swords, Arya has a dream where Nymeria kills some Bloody Mummers and, through her warg bond with her, Arya finds her mother's body in a river.

She drags Catelyn to shore but then she flees as some men are approaching. Since Catelyn will after be resurrected, the Arya/Nymeria intervention appears to be very important.

Nymeria's story isn't over. In A Feast for Crows Arya's direwolf leads a great pack in the forest. A huge pack. As many men report, Nymeria is actually leading hundreds of wolves and she's attacking many men. Sheattacked, for example, a Frey's baggage train, because, you know, "The North remembers".

In A Dance with Dragons, Nymeria is still leading her huge pack in the Riverlands, so it's totally possible that direwolf and her army will show up again in the TV show, as well as in the books.

Shaggydog, Rickon's direwolf

Apparently, Shaggydog is dead.

In Game of Thrones season 6 his head is presented to Ramsay Bolton by the Umbers, as proof of Rickon's identity. Nonetheless, some fans believe Shaggydog isn't dead. What if Smalljon Umbers is actually conspiring against Ramsay?

No one loves Ramsay (or the Boltons) so the Umbers' huge gift to Ramsay looks suspicious. Although they had a bad time fighting beside Robb Stark, they were sworn to House Stark and considered fiercely loyal to them. And the Karstarks who are now apparently supporting Ramsay Bolton, share their blood with the Starks. Although Robb beheaded Lord Richard Karstark, the house's support to Ramsay looks suspicious as well.

You should also consider that the wolf's head gifted to Ramsay looked a little to small to be Shaggydog's head, and that Shaggydog is still alive in the books. If the Umbers' theory is true, Shaggydog may be still alive somewhere in the North.