The idea

According to Phoenix-based LabelHorde director Angela Johnson, Arizona Fashion Source (AFS), LabelHorde (LH), and Arizona Apparel Foundation (AAF) have joined forces to take the steps needed to launchmetropolitan Phoenix into the nextmajor fashion market. Together, the entities will provide industry education, consulting, design services, apparel manufacturing, co-working, fashion makers’ studio, event space, incubator services, design studio supplies, and showroom space – all under one roof. The goal is to create anindustry environment in one building to make it easier for Arizona students, brands, and fashion lovers to learn, source, create, network; ultimately giving industry professionals and students every reason to stay in Arizona.

Even Arizona models will benefit, being able to work so closely with designers and the core of the Phoenix fashion scene.

What's the point?

Arizona’s fashion designers/brands and students graduating from the many local programs have had to seek resources and employment in other cities such as Los Angeles and New York. However, the growing trend in locally and domestically made products combined with the re-shoring movement and the convenience of digital marketing has inspired a new generation of clothing brands to establish their businesses outside of traditional fashion industry cities. These brands are then faced with the obstacle of sourcing the materials and manufacturing services they need.

AFS/LH/AAF is dedicated to helping local brands navigate these obstacles by providing solutions and the resources they need to start up, grow and thrive in Arizona. The ultimate goal is to keep local brands from having to source their manufacturing outside of the state, while attracting out-of-state brands looking for resource alternatives.

Producing apparel locally keeps money in the state while creating jobs and bringing in a new, creative, sustainable and in-demand industry.

The companies involved:

AFS/LH/AAF is Arizona’s first and most comprehensive networking resource for independent companies to reach the community and all of the fashion related services that they need to operate and grow their businesses.

AFS/LH/AAF is temporarily located in Mesa, Arizona, but will be moving in August 2016 to a 20,000+ sq. ft. building that will house the entire effort under one roof.

Arizona Fashion Sourceis an apparel manufacturer that uses sustainable and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes to create samples and production runs with no minimums. AFS manufactures heavy and light weight knits and wovens on industrial sewing equipment and the latest CAD programs.

LabelHordeis a category-driven directory of fashion businesses enabling users to easily locate local emerging and established designers, boutiques, manufacturers, photographers, models, stylists, industry supplies, fashion schools and all things fashion-related in Arizona.

LabelHorde also features a classifieds page for local fashion jobs, a calendar that lists all local and important national fashion events, lessons/classes, consulting, and design studio resources that designers need to start and run their businesses.

Arizona Apparel Foundationis an Arizona non-profit corporation applying for 501(c)(3) status. The Foundation’s mission is to provide the knowledge and resources needed to foster Arizona’s fashion industry. Its vision is to create the next U.S. fashion city in metropolitan Phoenix, to support cutting edge research and innovation in wearable tech and to build a sustainable and exciting new industry in Arizona.