Tribute to David Bowie at Brit Awards

At the Brit Awards 2016, Annie Lennox paid tribute to her dear friend David Bowie while presenting the Icon award to the chameleonic artist, who passed away earlier this year. Actor Gary Oldman was on hand to accept the award on Bowie's family's behalf. The Icon award has only been presented one other time in Brit Awards history -- to Elton John in 2013.

On the edge of tears while she spoke, Lennox touched on Bowie's influence on entertainment through out recent history and his effect on British popular culture, "For me, it's impossible for me to mention Bowie's name in the past tense.

Everything he represented as an artist was and always will be vital and incredibly present."Oldman repeated the sentiment when he said, "The world lost an artist of transcendent talent. He was the very definition, the living embodiment of that singular word: icon."

Lennox stood nearby while Oldman toldthe audience of captivated celebrities about a few personal anecdotesreally shared regarding the late music superstar. Audible, shocked gasps could be heard when he spoke of Bowie's bout with cancer that preceded his death: "When he wrote to tell me the dire news that he had cancer, he added, 'At least I've got my cheekbones back.'"

The most touching moment came as Oldman shared Bowie's deep reflections uponhis life and the music that had touched so many:"Music has given me over 40 years of extraordinary experiences...It has been both my doorway of perception and the house that I live in.

Before leaving the stage, Oldman announced the evening's surprise performer -- Lorde, who Bowie had once called "the future of music." Bathed in a glowing red light, she and a band comprised of the late singer's former musical colleagues played through a medley of Bowie's most famous songs before launching into a heart wrenching and inspired "Life on Mars?" Lorde herself was dressed in a truly apropos ensemble, combining a women's blouse with tailored men's trousers and vest to create an androgynous look worthy of the Star Man himself.