The great comic drama television hit has been renewed for its third season and we are getting more and more buzz about it. Even so, much of it is just internet talk and fans’ conspiracy theories with no endorsement from the show itself.To help you get in the spirit for the third season of this awesome TV show, here are the confirmed facts that we actually know about Z Nation’s third season:

Citizen Z

As we go along waiting, Karl Schaefer, the series’ writer, producer, and almighty creator was quizzed by the TV Insider website. Among the topics they approached, our favorite was included: the mysterious person who approached Citizen Z after he left Northern Light and went out of the NSA.

In the interview, Schaefer was asked if that would be a friend or a foe, to which he said: “I’ll just say [the person is] a she. It’s an Eskimo girl, and the story’s going to take a turn that not many people will beexpecting at all. I will tease something for Season 3: You may see Citizen Z down in the lower 48.”

A lot to take in, right? But it might not yet come to pass as drastically as it may sound, as he continued: “I’m not sure, though. I can’t promise anything yet. It’s only Day 2 in the writers' room.”

Confirmed survivors

In a post-apocalyptic adventure, we are never sure about who will survive in the time between the season’s hiatus, but in the same interview, Karl Schaefer told us a few more facts:

  • 10k is going to survive, but will go through a deep philosophical change
  • Scorpion is an assured character in the next season, despite the Zero’s demise
  • Kurian is looking for a way to save humanity by turning people into blends!

Seems crazy, but Kurian is also making his way to turn himself, and other blends, into something more human.

The new villain

The key to any good story is a great bad guy, and this time, it comes in the form of a Zona bounty hunter looking for Lucy (speaking of her, she really did age, and will now join us in teenage form).

These are the facts that we know so far, everything else is just speculation.