Released in June 2015, Netflix's original series Sense8 made a huge impact, with a very dedicated fandom that was adamant about season two long before it was confirmed.While it has been renewed, there’s no word about when it will premiere: while Netflix Life says it’ll be released on the same date as the first season(June 5), another report claims the second year of the sci-fi drama will premiere in 2017. Filming of the second season doesn't begin until March of 2016, so a 2017 release date seems more tangible.

Bryce Olin, a writer on the show, answered a question on reddit, saying: “I really hope Netflix can release Sense8 Season 2 in June, but simple math suggests we really shouldn't 'expect' to see Season 2 until much later in the summer or fall of 2016." Since it presumambly takes a lot of time for the cast and crew to film in multiple parts of the world, it’s safer to think, in the best case scenario, Sense8 will be back in late 2016.Either way, the plots for the next year are starting to come into focus, and some are already speculating on the internet.

Reportedly, the second year of the show will focus on the love trangle between Rajan (Purab Kohli), Kala (Tina Desai) and Wolfgang (Max Riemelt).

In the first season, we saw Kala planning a big Indian wedding with Rajan, before she found out about her sensate ability. After this, she started to connect with fellow sensate Wolfgang, and though the two are complete opposites, something was clearly bringing them together. Right now, the rumor is that, after Rajan (who’s expected to be a villain in season 2) goes to the dark side, Kala’s feelings will grow even stronger for Wolfgang. The Kala/Wolfgang relationship will be one of the reasons Rajan goes bad, since he gets increasingly jealous of them episode after episode.

Other interesting questions include: What will happen to Will now that Whispers has seen him? Will Sun remain in prison or will she break out? And, what will happen to Capheus now that he's saved the life of Silas Kabaka?