'Fear The Walking Dead' will return to AMC on Sunday, April 10 with a second season of the hit show, continuing the story as told from the beginning of the zombie apocalypse through the experience of a blended family.Madison Clark and her boyfriend,Travis Manama, will continue their journey to save themselves and their children as the world falls apart around them, much to their bewilderment and shock. The show started out slow but quickly picked up pace during the six episodes that comprised the first season.

Strand may hold the key to everyone's future

The family eventually found a way to escape the chaos in Los Angeles, thanks to a character with a masterplan, Victor Strand. Strand is a manwho shared a cell with Nick Clark, after being taken into custody by the armed forces sent in to quarantine and protect the neighborhood. Strand eventually led the family to his property on the beach that has an asset that just might save them all from certain doom, a yacht that is located just off the coast.

It's at Strand's property that Travis has one of the most gut wrenching scenes of season one when he is forced to give mercy to his ex-wife, Liza, before her injuries turn her into a walker. Of all the characters we witness change during the first six episodes, Travis just might win for the character who we witness have the biggest epiphany about how his life and attitude must adjust for the times.

Travis was naive and innocent at the onset of the apocalypse but at the end of season one you could tell that something inside him had snapped and he was forever going to be a changed man.

Nick Clark is the antihero we all despise

Madison's son Nick was a major focus of season one, and his heroin use and status as a full blown junkie did little to make him an endearing character.

Nick spent much of the first episodes shambling around, often resembling the walking dead. It was hard to root for such an antihero, but there is still a possibility that the most despicable member of the family may hold the street smarts and survival skills that the others may lack.Tune in to season two of 'Fear The Walking Dead' to find out if the family decides to risk the next stage of their survival on land or at sea.