Drake's "3 Peat" is the topic of the week. Even though Meek Mill has dropped another failure of a diss track called "4/4," it seems that Drakeand his fans could really care less at this point.

The Inquisitr reports that Drake seemingly ignored Meek's jab in order tohandle larger issues. Sure, some people thought that Drake and Chief Keef were going to collaborate on aMeek Mill diss track. Yet, contrary to appearances, it seems — for now — the two rap artists posted via Instagram onlyto create a buzz for potential work.

As reinforcement, people have been spreading a "GLOVO" photo which has been deemed "recent." However, it's actually from over 12 months ago.

Drake's MusicIs Not Released Yet

While this track has causedmajor confusion, it'snot "3 Peat." It's just something that has been slathered together. The "3 Peat" track has,actually, been quite confusing. If you listen to it, the trackmight just make you mad, honestly.

On top of a garbage instrumental, some of 50 Cent's older lyrics were placed within the track. It has nothing to do with Drake or Chief Keef.

Disclaimer: The following audio contains explicit language and content. Discretion is advised.

However, allegedly, one of Chief Keef's promotional affiliates did drop what seems to bea real snippet to the track-to-come.

As far as work is concerned, don'tcountthe collaborationout, totally. This is in a similar manner that Drake and Future sparked trending hype about What a Time to Be Alive(WATTBA), right?

Yes,Drake and Chief Keef would release an awesome album. And why just stop at one track? Why not work on several trackssince there's obvious hype about their creation? Well,Drake's release hesitationmight be explained by the following statements.

At the moment, the focus is Drake's Views from the 6.While everyone seems to think he'sis just putting itoff for the sake of suspense, it's much deeper than that.

If you don't know, Drake's music— although part of his label,OVO Sound— still also falls under Birdman's Cash Money Records label as well, along with Wayne's Young Money.

It's Not Time For Drake's 'Views From The 6' Yet

Long story short, Drake is trying his best not to release Views from the 6 under Birdman's distribution contract. According to Hot New Hip Hop, WATTBA was actually released under the labelhead and Epic Records. Similar to If You're Reading This It'sToo Late's surprise release, Drake's WATTBA was a similar "non-consensual" shocker— by which Cash Money welcomed as part of Drake's contract negotiation.

For the most part, if you want the best for Drake, it might be equally as strategicto be patient with him and trust his strategy— whatsoever be his plans.

Obviously, Drake's quite thesavvy businessman. He also has a team of people around to ensure that he understands the full extent of his contract, as well as his do's and don't's.

All in all, give Drake time to release "Views" and "3 Peat" on his own accord. While everyone's saying that they're tired of waiting, it's really not making the process any easier for him. Although you might think fan pressure doesn't matter, it's important.

Nevertheless, you know hedoesn't disappoint. So, trust that you'll have your wait's worth paid in full when you do hear the new album.

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