One of the most anticipated tv shows from Fall 2015 was, without a doubt, Limitless (an adaptation of the original movie made in 2011).The spin-off (which premiered in September) seems to be very loyal to its original material, even though it does have some changes.

First off, Bradley Cooper – the main character in the movie – is back in the Limitless universe! But Eddie, his character, is not the lead this time. Now, the story revolves around Brian Finch (Jake McDorman), a guy who wants to have a musical career but fails miserably in having any work ethic – but this changes after he meets a guy who offers him NZT-48 (a drug that gives any man the power to overcome his struggles and fulfill all his potential).

After becoming a “new man," the FBI starts to pay attention to him. Both characters (Cooper’s Eddie and Finch’s Brian) mirror each other, as executive producer Craig Sweeny told The Hollywood Reporter back in August. "I took a look at the pilot and I thought, 'What are the essential things in this pilot that I want to capture from the film?' The two things we wanted to capture were the visual style and what they did with the camera. I also liked the story of a guy who's fighting to turn his life around so those are the two things I wanted in the pilot story," he explained.

In the show, Eddie went from a writer to a Senator, and has a somehow mysterious relationship with the new lead. Bradley Cooper will have a recurring role in the series, as well as continuing to serve as executive producer.

One thing about the plot that's completely different is that the hero and the government work together.Their partnership is not entirely friendly, though. Each episode follows closely to the format of similar shows, in that each offers a new "case" or situation to be resolved. The one thing that makes this show different from your run-of-the-mill crime or court drama, however, is the NZT. Through the carefully monitored use of the pill, Finch is able to access the full capacity of his brain as he uses these new abilities to help the FBI solve complex cases.