Kim Kardashian’s new baby boy Saint West is only a week old and the reality star plans to lose the baby weight she gained during her pregnancy by working out in the gym. Kardashian is said to be very motivated, as being pregnant and gaining weight was a blow to her self-esteem.

Kardashian (35) says she will do whatever it takes to lose the weight, and sources say seeing her sister Kourtney lose her pregnancy weight so quickly was hard for her. Kim is said to be ready to jump on her treadmill, according to her personal trainer Harley Pasternak, she also plans to do a lot of walking, not only on the treadmill, but also with her daughter, North.

Additionally, celebrity trainer and nutritionist Charlene Ciardiello says that Kim needs to move it, as in grabbing her kids and putting them in the stroller and walking or jogging around the neighborhood. Ciardiello says Kim could do even better if she intensifies her workouts by adding some backyard sprints, squats, and to forget about taking the elevator as she plans her workout regime.

Ciardiello is not Kim’s trainer, but she says she has trained lots of other Celebrities and helped them to lose weight. She says another way for Kim to lose weight is to breastfeed Saint West as that is a great way to lose between 600 and 800 calories a day. She added that she also needs to drink a lot of water because that helps keep someone from overeating.

According to sources, Kim is already doing well in her goal to lose her pregnancy weight, as she has lost 17 pounds so far. She hasn’t shown the world her post baby body as yet, but she is planning a post baby photo shoot soon and wants to be in shape in time for it.

Kim gained 60 pounds during the pregnancy, and ended up at 190 pounds, and wants to get down to 120 pounds.

If she is successful, it would be four pounds lower than her weight when she got married in 2014.

Kim is still recovering from the birth of Saint West, but says she will lose baby weight soon and will show off her post-pregnancy body to fans when she’s ready.