In the movie titled Legend, Tom Hardy impersonates a handsome and an insane gangster, he plays both of the twins and in addition he slaps himself at least two times. The English actor turning 38 this year has already been a muscular prisoner, a muscular evil in a comic movie, a muttering distiller and Mad Max as well.

Growing up in the 80’s London was not easy for Edward Thomas Hardy, whose family background (painter mother and novelist father) tried to force him not wanting to change the world as a stonemason. He attended a public school where he was just like his classmates as he was not really interested in it.

But he was attracted to acting that time at the age of 13-14 because when he was impersonating someone else, he didn’t have to be himself. He was 21 when he won a model competition, but he didn’t want to advertise underwear on billboards so he kept on attending the acting school, from which he was taken out by one of HBO’s casting people for a smaller role: he was Private John Janovec in the series Band of Brothers.

“I used to drink, use drugs, and go after girls until my body started to fall apart. I felt that I was falling to pieces,” he said in an interview with Vanity Fair a few weeks ago. Besides the continuous partying, girls were also significant in his life – Hardy thinks that it’s a miracle that he didn’t get HIV despite that he didn’t care who he made love with.

At the age of 23 he stopped self-destruction, and he hasn’t touched any alcohol, used heroin or cocaine and smoked weed since that.

Later, the audition recognized him because of his autobiographical movie in 2009. The comfortable life which he was used to ended. He was always stopped in the streets for an autograph or a photo, which he enjoyed at the beginning but as he is quite introvert he felt it too tiring after a while.

Fortunately, he didn’t withdraw because of it, so next time we can see him in the western movie, The Revenant besides Leonardo DiCaprio. Then the TV series Taboo will be released in which he impersonates an adventurer from the 19th century. His sixteen movies have earned more than a billion dollars altogether, and with such antecedents a long rest is not typical in Hollywood.