In the series Heroes she impersonated Claire Bennet. Her most well-known roles were in Racing Stripes, Ice Princess, Bring It On, Scream 4 and I Love You, Beth Cooper. She released a single CD titled Wake up Call in 2008. She is an enthusiastic environmentalist and the face of many significant advertising agencies.

With his fiancé, Vlagyimir Klicsko, a professional boxer, the 26-year-old actress gave birth to their daughter, Kaya Evodokia ten months ago.

Since then, the star has been fighting the postpartum depression, but now she has decided to end it and take a road to recovery.

“Of her own accord Hayden Panettiere decided to ask for help in a psychological expert centre, as she is currently suffering from postpartum depression” – the actress’s spokesman said to People magazine.

However, people don’t talk much about it; postpartum depression is a very serious problem that emerges after giving birth. Postpartum syndrome similarly to clinical depression goes along with moodiness, tiredness, anxiety and the change of eating and sleeping habits. The only 26-year-old actress seems to be suffering from this for some time.

Ironically, the character impersonated by Panettiere in the ongoing series, Nashville, suffers from the same illness. “I can really connect to this” – the actress admitted last month when she was a guest in a talk show.

“This is something that many women experience. But when it comes to this, everyone thinks that we must have negative feelings about our own children and we want to hurt them – but for example I never had such a feeling” – Panettiere added.

The star also said that it was important to talk freely about this problem, as women suffering from postpartum depression had to know they were not alone and there was a solution.“There are a lot of misunderstandings about it.

Many think this is not a real illness we just imagine it or it is caused by our hormones. But that is not true: in fact, it is a really painful, scary and uncontrollable feeling, and women suffering from this need support” – the actress emphasized.