Online streaming continues to grow daily and is definitely seems to be more than just a trend. Currently, it is easily as popular as cable TV and satellite television and with many well know platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Urban Movie Channel, Yahoo Screen, Apple TV,and Amazon Fire TV, audiences have so many choices available to them. Within each brand, there is original and new content and there is even some syndicated content, however, there is still room for more. At least that the opinion of Kollide TV founder, Lateef Sarnor. He believes the audience and the content creators are in charge of moving media into other untapped directions.

What is Kollide TV? Kollide TV is a video platform dedicated to developing, delivering, discovering & distributing videos with a multicultural perspective across the digital landscape. And while it may be similar to some of the brands mentioned, the goal with this platform is to provide a voice for new and upcoming content creators.

In fact, the online channel isn't just for finding videos that cater to today's multicultural user; it's also a place where creativity comes to life. Literally, this format provides the content creator an opportunity to connect their brand with their target audience and dialogue in an engaging way much like social media currently does. This also allows the content creators to reach millions of multicultural consumers wherever they are, on whatever device, whenever they want to view the programming, completely on demand which many times works with people's busy schedules.

The good news is that CEO/Founder, Lateef Sarnor has quite a bit of experience in this area due to him being a creative marketing professional with over 20 years of experience at high-profile media and entertainment companies such as: AOL, BET, Black Enterprise, and Def Jam Records. With each position, there was the experience to research what the current audience was seeking to consumer on a daily basis.

This has worked for the most successful brands so far.

One of the goals of Kollide TV, is to be as successful as Netflix, Hulu, Yahoo, Apple, and Amazon, and if the programming is as good as the current players, this should be an easy task.