Lifetime didn't let a pandemic keep them from sharing the Christmas spirit with their viewers and maintain their stance as a constant competitor with Hallmark. The year has been a tough time for Broadway and theater after being hit by the coronavirus curse, which has led to shutdowns and causing the actors to seek other acting opportunities. Ali Stroker brought to life a magical love story with sweet romance and a story of second chances in her Lifetime Christmas movie "Christmas Ever After."

The movie follows a romance author named Izzi, who has a serious problem: writer's block.

To fix her case of writer's block, Izzi goes to her favorite Christmas destination at Antler's Lodge to do some serious rewrites and possibly fall in love. Stroker was the first actor in a wheelchair to win a Tony Award for her role in "Oklahoma!" and has gained history-making status as a star on wheels. The actor shared in an interview with People Magazine that her role in the Lifetime Christmas movie as a dream come true

The Lifetime Christmas movie stars Ali Stroker, Daniel Di Tomasso, Bill Marchant, and Melia Charlotte Cressaty.

Izzi has found great success with her romance series that revolves around an epic love. Only her latest book has received a shocking critique from her editor/best friend.

Izzi has created Desmond, the hero of her book, too perfect, and her editor suggests that her pickiness when dating could have rubbed off on her writing by creating an overly ideal love. This leads Izzi to wonder if her high standards when dating have created an impossible standard for her to find her own true love. Izzi doesn't like anything to change, even small tweaks like fixing a bad doorknob or a squeaky floor, which is seen periodically throughout the movie.

Lifetime Christmas movie a fun romantic comedy

Izzi longs to have the perfect Christmas with snow, lights, and festivity, which is why she visits Silver Springs every year and stays at the Antler Lodge. Only this year, she learns that her favorite place has fallen under new management now that the previous owner has announced his retirement and will be leaving his son in charge.

Cue Izzi immediately getting in the car and making her way to Silver Springs to have possibly her last perfect Christmas while also working to meet a Christmas deadline to rewrite the perfection out of her dashing hero. The Lifetime Christmas movie focuses on themes of perfection, change, second chances, and falling in love. Ali Stroker dishes to Hollywood Life that her character is a hopeless romantic, which she could relate to, and gushes that she just loves how the character she falls in love with (di Tomasso) looks like the hero her book covers. Stroker describes the Lifetime Christmas movie as a fun romantic comedy.

The meet-cute is delightful and spot-on for Izzi's quirkiness and the tone of the Lifetime Christmas movie.

Izzi finds herself a little distracted when she sees a man that looks exactly like her hero Desmond from her book covers, which causes her to run him over nearly. Izzi's embarrassment only increases when she discovers that the same man is the Antler Lodge's new owner. The Lifetime movie is no stranger to embracing the character's embarrassing moments for humor and to show her quirkiness while also indulging in her romantic nature. Cue a humorous moment where she meets a young writer who she then goes on gush about Matt as a rugged hero only to discover she's talking to his daughter. The humor of the Lifetime Christmas movie is derived from Ali Stroker's bubbly personality and the slight clumsy nature of her character, which meld together to create a sweet story.

Stroker shares with Hollywood Life that the two characters (Izzi and Matt) challenge each other and start as friends who felt real. The actor continues by saying that sometimes everyone needs someone that tests them, and that's the kind of love she's always been drawn to.

The duo of Stroker and Daniel Di Tomasso give this Lifetime Christmas movie the tone of a romantic comedy feel that takes a sweet approach to the idealistic romance by embracing the idea of imperfection. A little reality is thrown into the movie, which provides a heartwarming undertone by including Matt's late wife being the original artist that did Izzi's book covers. As the title "Christmas Ever After" suggests, the Christmas movie receives a happy ending where Izzi makes a bold move to tell Matt how she feels, and then the two share a (covid safe) kiss.

The end flashes forward to her book signing, where she has her fiance and his daughter accompanying her. "Christmas Ever After" is a feel-good movie that will give a much-needed warmth and heart to Christmastime.

Stroker shares joy about Lifetime Christmas movie

The Lifetime Christmas movie is the first to feature a leading character in a wheelchair. The movie doesn't focus on that aspect outright, treating the disability as a part of who she is, and instead focuses on the love story between two people searching for a connection. The movie has been praised by Ali stroker as a great voice for disabilities that gives a joyful love story, which Stroker shares with People Magazine that just because Izzi has a disability doesn't mean romance isn't part of her life.

Representation matters to the actor, who continues in the interview that young girls with disabilities will be able to see themselves in her character and will be able to see they can find love and happiness. Stroker shares about her nervousness growing up in a wheelchair and how she wondered if a relationship would be possible for her. Stroker ends the interview with People by saying that those who can relate to her character by seeing that they matter, count, and voice are important.

Ali Stroker shares with Hollywood Life in an interview regarding "Christmas Ever After" about how diversity is life and how much she loves that this year's Christmas Movies will make kids who feel different be able to see themselves.

Stroker believes that being able to bring her disability to every character she plays is a gift. To USA Today, Stroker says she never saw anyone in theater or on TV like her (in a wheelchair) as a kid. The actor expresses her excitement about this narrative found in "Christmas Ever After," and her character being in a wheelchair is just part of the story. This isn't the first time Stroker has shared her excitement about the growing changes in storytelling with her sharing a similar sentiment during the 2019 Tony Awards, which hailed inclusion for all. The actor explains that normally you don't see stories with people with disabilities having romance, connection, and intimacy.

Lifetime Christmas in the time of COVID

According to Ali Stroker, Lifetime always checked in with the actors and described the network as constantly aware. The actor tells Hollywood Life that she believes that Lifetime did a really good job of making everyone feel safe on set. The movie itself took fifteen days to shoot, with the actor explaining to USA Today that this was after she and Daniel Di Tomasso spent fourteen days post arriving in quarantine. She describes in an interview with USA Today that "Christmas Ever After" is a real whirlwind, explaining how they wore masks and shields on set when not filming. Stroker continues by sharing details about the plexiglass kiss, which had the plexiglass edited out, and that it made her feel like a teenager again with her giggling a lot of the time.

Ali Stroker's interview with Slate states that "Christmas Ever After" was the highlight of her year and compares the experience of wearing shields and masks on set as an alternate universe. The actor went on to say that Lifetime cleaned the plexiglass with a natural cleaner in between takes and assured they weren't kissing chemicals, and there wasn't even a smell. Stroker adds that it will be considered her most memorable kiss. Fans can check out "Christmas Ever After" on