Pedro Pascal as Din Djarin in "The Mandalorian" latest episode shows Din Djarin forced to take his iconic helmet off -- and gave Pedro Pascal the moment to show his dedication towards the role. The Disney+ Star Wars spin-off is created by Jon Favreau and follows a titular bounty hunter whose job is to protect a force-sensitive alien child called Grogu (sweetly known as "Baby Yoda'' by the internet). The Empire is being hunted down by remnants, evolving them as Mandi, who has sought out members of the Jedi who would train Gorgu. Unfortunately, in season 2, episode 6 of "The Mandalorian" "The Tragedy '' we saw Moff Gideon's Dark Troopers caught up with them on Tython, taking possession of Baby Yoda.

'The Mandalorian' face finally comes

Din Djarin, known as Mando amongst his friends and viewers, broke the 'not to remove helmet' rule twice. Yes, the first time was when he wore the imperial cargo transporter uniform and the second time was when he had to take off his helmet and show his Pedro Pascal face, the voice, and the person behind Mando. That was the moment the face-recognition scan declares Din Djarin's priority is the safety and well-being of Baby Yoda as he broke his own creeds' sole order.

'The Mandalorian' helmet rule

From episode 4, it became crystal clear a Mandalorian can never remove their helmets off in front of others. Even if someone else takes their helmet off, they will be disowned by the creed and no longer a Mandalorian.

Remember the message sent to Moff Gideon saying Grogu means more to him than he'll ever know. But, then you do remember in our last year post, Pedro Pascal is the lonesome bounty hunter, so, with Baby Yoda looks like he finally got something to care for and protect for.

Now, is this just a glimpse or what? Yes, facial expressions do add more to a scene, which, well, is definitely going to find its way to distinguish as soon as the 8,887 forthcoming Star Wars drops on Disney+.

But since Mandalorians never remove their helmets off and do only if it's the last option. And, both the times he had to remove the helmet were vulnerable moments for Din Djarin.

Mando was both physically hurt and physically exhausted when IG-11 made him take off his helmet to object. And we can't deny the fact that IG-11 self-detonated itself only to help Mando save Gorgu, proving Mando's will to save Baby Yoda to the core.

Could the producers change the creeds rule

When Pedro Pascal took the helmet off, the expression and look became the voice for many social-anxiety, introverted, and similarly afflicted people. So, taking the helmet off is more than just a gesture and could make the producers change the creeds rule or amend it.