Nintendo Switch in 2021: From higher resolutions, to cloud gaming, 5 things it needs to get right

The Nintendo Switch has problems. [Source: Kevin Kenson - YouTube]
The Nintendo Switch has problems. [Source: Kevin Kenson - YouTube]

The Nintendo Switch still leaves much room for improvement heading into 2021.

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Only several days remain before the year 2020 comes to a close and many couldn’t be happier given the enormous challenges this year brought upon the entire world. However, for a company like Nintendo, the challenges only proved to elevate its own products’ performances--namely the Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo enjoyed a year of dominance thanks to its hybrid console which sold over 60 million units globally since its precocious launch back in 2017. However, the console is being held back quite a bit due to some lingering shortcomings.

Fortunately, there could be a newer, more powerful Switch model on its way sometime in 2021, according to several industry insiders. But even if it were true, that doesn’t mean it will bring all of the necessary adjustments with it.

So to give an idea of what needs to be done, here’s a short list of improvements that Nintendo should bring to the hybrid console in 2021 and beyond.


Joy Cons without the drift

Let’s get this one out of the way, shall we? Nintendo has had plenty of time to rectify the design of the Joy-Con controllers for the Switch. Yet, after 3 years and two revisions, Joy-Con drift still lingers. This situation has only gotten worse over the years. In fact, things would reach a boiling point when the company found itself being dragged to court over the issue last year. Therefore, it's in everyone's best interest that the solution takes precipice.


Higher resolutions for Switch

Yes, the Nintendo Switch does require better graphics going forward. Firstly, the device’s screen is locked to 720p output but could be swapped out for an OLED screen. The thing is this upgrade is already part of the rumored Switch Pro model coming in 2017. But things shouldn't stop there. Nintendo could also improve resolutions on the TV and should especially now that its competitors have ushered in unmitigated 4K gaming. Whatever method it chooses needs to be in the pipeline by this point.

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