Drake, arguably the best rapper to ever live, has teased his album to his fans over the past few months but he hasn't released much information about it. He only announced the name of the album, "Certifed Lover Boy," after his song "Laugh Now Cry Later" was released featuring Lil Durk which has amassed 110 million views.

When he dropped his mixtape "Dark Lane Demo Tapes" he said that his album would be ready in the summer but we're past that already. Some thought he was going to drop the album August 28 as that was three days before the last day to be eligible for a 2021 Grammy award but that ultimately wasn't the case.

With no release date announced and very little information about the album, here is what we could see associated with "Certified Lover Boy."

Album will be released in October

As the album hasn't been released yet, he could be saving it to be released next month. It makes a ton of sense why he'd release the album in October for many reasons. He has his own brand and a record label of OVO, October's Very Own, as he was born on October 24, 1986. His son Adonis was born in the same month on his father as he was brought into this world on October 11, 2017. Perhaps to coincide with his birthday as well as his son's, he'll release Certified Lover Boy in October. Perhaps on October 16 or a week later (23), a day before his birthday.

Will be associated with Nike

Nike will probably be associated with "Certified Lover Boy" as in Drake's past two major songs, they're both at least somewhat associated with the company. In "Toosie Slide" he's wearing some sort of Nike skullcap and name drops the company in the song. At the 2:06 mark, a Nike shoebox can be seen on a table at his Toronto mansion.

In "Laugh Now Cry Later," the music video takes place at the Nike headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon.

Will be associated with the number 6

Drake is known for popularizing the term "The 6ix" as a reference to Toronto. Whenever thinking of Toronto or "The 6ix," Drake comes to mind. As "Certifed Lover Boy" will be Drake's sixth album, he could very well have the album be used around with the number six.

How exactly he'll do that, who knows, but the number six should play a big part in his album.

He won't associate with his Jewish heritage

Drake comes from a multi-racial background. His father is black while his mother is white and Jewish. As the bible states, whatever your mother is, you are. While Drake is tan, he associates himself with black culture. Yet he rarely associates himself as being Jewish. The most notable time he associates as a Jew is his song H.Y.F.R. (Hell Ya F_cking Right). The music video shows him having a bar mitzvah redo in a shul where he can be seen reading from the Torah wearing a tallit and a kippah.

Since then, he has rarely associated himself with his Jewish heritage.

He, at times, chants Islamic terms in his songs and has worn a necklace with a cross even though he is not Christian. This can even be seen in the music video for "Mia" where he was a feature on Bad Bunny's song.

40 will produce multiple songs

Drake kind of has a personal producer in Noah James Shebib who's known professionally as 40. 40 has produced songs on all of Drake's previous albums and there's no doubt that he'll be on the upcoming one. On Drake's mixtape "So Far Gone" he produced and mixed every single song. He's produced notable songs for Drake including "All Me, "One Dance," "Nice For What" and other songs. His most notable song that he's been a producer on is "God's Plan"

So will Bo1da

Like 40, Matthew Jehu Samuels known as "Bo1da" will also be a producer for multiple songs on the album.

Bo1da produced Drake's first top 10 song on the Billboard Hot 100 in "Best I've Ever Had" back in 2009 and has worked with him ever since. He's also produced for other artists like Eminem, Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, and others. Some songs he's been a producer on are "Over" by Drake, "Work" by Rihanna featuring Drake, "Not Afraid" by Eminem, and others. "Not Afraid" and "Work" reached the number one spot on Billboard Hot 100. Expect to see a lot of beats produced by Bo1da on Certified Lover Boy.

Will be the number one selling and streamed album

Of course, it will be. It's Drake. Arguably the best rapper alive. The album, once released, will get crazy streaming numbers and will be very high in sales.

His most recent album, "Scorpion" back in 2018, sold 732 000 copies and debuted at the number one spot on the Billboard Top 200 Albums.

The most an album sold of recent memory is Juice WRLD's "Legends Never Die" which sold just short of 500 000 copies with 497 000. Drake will surpass that and sell a significant amount more. A million copies sold may be a bit of a reach but he'll probably pass Scorpion's 732 000 copies sold.